Radio Derb Transcript Up–Statues From The ENGLISH Civil War In Peril–After 350 Years, Etc.

The Radio Derb transcript for Friday, August 18 is up–go here to read or listen.


01m22s — Bad people making trouble. (Charlottesville and the media.)

15m43s — No enemies on the left! (United States of Hysteria, cont.)

25m55s — The retreat of law. (Who needs it?)

35m09s — Let’s hear it for bourgeois norms. (Though it’s not all “culture.”)

46m58s — Civil War memorials elsewhere. (CultMarx ♥ monarchy.)

50m13s — Krauthammer hammered. (I got him right the first time.)

52m51s — Antifa capitalism. (Our virtue-signalling corporations.)

55m12s — Dropping the pilot. (It was Bannonism that got you elected, Sir.)

56m46s — Signoff. (Long live the King!)