Radio Derb Transcript Up For December 8: Acuckalypse, Jerusalem, Overclass, Camp Of The Saints, Etc.

The Radio Derb transcript for December 8th is up–go here to read or listen.

01m46s — Acuckalypse Not Now. (DACA deal postponed.)

06m01s — Two cheers for Jerusalem. (How about those other campaign promises?)

10m48s — Importing an overclass (1). (Jews then, Asians now.)

23m33s — Importing an overclass (2). (The case against merit-based immigration.)

30m25s — Trump hits a homer. (Theresa May is a fool and a coward.)

36m22s — Old Left, New Left. (Bring back the Wobblies!)

40m55s — Camp of the saints. (Africa coming to Europe.)

47m15s — Another royal marriage. (And royal homosex, past and … future?)

50m04s — RIP Christine Keeler. (A bimbo passes.)

52m52s — RIP Michael of Romania. (Getting a raw deal from History.)

55m23s — Signoff. (Another Derbyshire.)