NYT: Rep. Steve King Is “White Nationalist” for Saying “We Can’t Restore Our Civilization with Somebody Else’s Babies.”

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Steve King Tells Truth, Gets Attacked: “We Can’t Restore Our Civilization With Someone Else’s Babies”

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Hungarian Border Patrol Graduation Speech: Viktor Orban Warns Migration Is the Trojan Horse of Terrorism

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Kritarchs And The DACA Menace

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The British Have Been Around A Long Time – If You Want To Look

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NYT: Deep State: A) Doesn’t Exists, B) Has Hurt Feelings from Trump’s Attacks Upon It, and C) Will Wreak Terrible Vengeance Upon Elected Government

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Merkel’s Boner Back Story: “Angela Merkel Let In Migrants ‘Only To Avoid Televised Border Clashes’.”

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George Zimmerman Speaks To A Self-Defence Class On Lessons Learned

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