Governor Jerry Brown Declares Mexifornia a Sanctuary State–Defies Trump…And America

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BUZZFEED’s BREITBART Expose Reveals, Not Secret “Racism,” But Squishy Editor Alex Marlow Smearing

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Grassley Hearing On The End Of DACA: “We Have Been Debating This Issue For 16 Years…”

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Harvey Weinstein: I’m Shocked, Shocked …

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“Asabiya” And Metaethnic Frontiers: “In 390 BCE An Army Of Gauls, 30 Thousand Strong, Marched Out Of Northern Italy Into Latium…”

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Harvey Weinstein to Take on NRA

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Brawl Video: Sharks vs. Jets in Ugandan Parliament

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Thomas Edsall In The NYT: “How Immigration Foiled Hillary”

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Here’s Why We Can’t Have Rational Debate About Guns — The Leftist Media Know Nothing About Them

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Liberal Looks At Facts, Decides Gun Laws Don’t Work

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