Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Mexican Kills Indiana Man, a Former Missionary

David Kriehn died early Monday morning when a drunk-driving Mexican [...]

Trump’s Options In The Refugee War With The Kritarchs–The Executive Branch Can Refuse To Process The Refugees

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February 10 Radio Derb Transcript Up: The Obligations Clause, Etc

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DREAMER’s Nightmare–One To Watch

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Steven Bannon Calls The Media “The Opposition Party”–And Then They Prove It!

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John Derbyshire: Speechless In Long Island

I don’t think this needs any commentary.  If it does, [...]

Sailer: “The Vengeance of Edward Said”

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ECONOMIST’S Elizabeth Winkler Ignores Anti-Fa Anti-Women Violence

An Economist writer called Elizabeth Winkler (email her) contacted me [...]

Police Aren’t Pressing Charges Against Hijabi Hate Crime Hoaxer

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