Having a High IQ Dog Is Now a Thing

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THE AGE: Sudanese in Melbourne, Australia, Are Victims of Racial Profiling (Also, They Commit 2 Orders of Magnitude More Major Crimes)

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Clock Boy Loses Badly in Court on Get-Rich-Quick Lawsuits

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FOREIGN POLICY: “Poland Isn’t a Democracy” Because It Takes Democratic Elections Seriously, or Something

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538: “U.S. Cities Experienced Another Big Rise In Murder In 2016”

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NYT: Human Genome Works Best Divided Up Into Segregated Neighborhoods

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Democrats Fear America’s Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General Because Immigration

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Was “They”‘s Murder of a White Berkeley Schoolteacher a Hate Crime?

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If Donald Trump Didn’t Exist, the Coalition of the Fringes Would Have to Invent Him to Keep Themselves from Clawing Each Other’s Eyes Out

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CBS Radio Deliberately Misleads On Chicago Kidnap Story

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