Black DC National Guard General Whines Bitterly About Not Being Chosen To Guard Trump’s Inaugural

I saw this note at Instapundit I already had an [...]

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College Civics Now Means Leftist Indoctrination and Activism

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WaPo Pushes Fake News Hate Hoax–High School “Klan” Petition Done By Black Girl, 14

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“Pablo Gomez Jr. Is Suspected of Homicide, But They Deserve to be Known by the Gender Pronoun They Prefer”

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How Trump Can Top Obama Ending Cubans’ Wet Foot / Dry Foot Immigration Privilege–Kick Out Puerto Rico!

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San Bernardino Jihad Brother Is Convicted of Immigration Fraud

Syed Rizwan Farook and his immigrant wife Tashfeen Malik murdered [...]

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Discusses Immigration Enforcement of Violent Illegal Aliens during His Attorney General Hearing

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