Hoax Alert: Swastika At Georgetown U

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Blacks May Not Be Dog Lovers, But They Do Love Pit Bulls

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Speaks Out against Sanctuary Policies In Portland

The AG travelled to Portland to warn the city about [...]

Ipsos Poll Reveals Global Unpopularity of Immigration

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The Truth About Birmingham And Police Dogs–“Alas, Decades Too Late To Matter”

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Palestinian Terrorist Kicked Out Of United States, Proceeding Begun Under Obama, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES Blames Trump

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Scare Quotes, Point-And-Splutter From THE HILL Over Facebook Video About Obama’s Muslim Roots

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Happy St. Matthew’s Day! (Oh, And Rosh Hashana)

Tonight (September 20) is the Vigil of St. Matthew, preparatory [...]

THE ATLANTIC: “How This Year’s Oscar Contenders Are Tackling Trump”

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Radio Derb Transcript For September 15 Up–Dame Kiri’s Retirement, Etc.

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