President Trump Plans a Busy Day #1 (and Beyond)

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Germany Diversity Update: Sanity Returns Somewhat (with Upcoming Elections) but Actual Deportations Are Tough to Achieve

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NYT Sums Up Obama: Yeah, It Really Was All About Race, Wasn’t It?

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David Hines’s Brilliant STORIFY On The Coming Leftist Violence: “The Godzilla Trudging Zone”

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Radio Derb Is On The Air: The Black Republican Who Had EXACTLY The Same Dream As MLK, Etc.

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Tyler Cowen: “Would You Rather be Ruled by the People or the Experts?”

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Immigration Officers At Mexican Border Cheer End Of “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” Cuba Refugee Policy

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Black DC National Guard General Whines Bitterly About Not Being Chosen To Guard Trump’s Inaugural

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Audio Interview With Peter Brimelow And Steve Curtis: “Hidden Figures,” Etc. editor Peter Brimelow was on with KLZ 560, Steve [...]

College Civics Now Means Leftist Indoctrination and Activism

There’s not enough attention paid to how schools have become [...]