Black Teachers 6x as Likely to Become Principals as Similar White Teachers

Commenter res calls our attention to a 2012 study [PDF] [...]

Another “Detroit Doctor”(Fakhruddin Attar) Arrested For Female Genital Mutilation

Another “Detroit Doctor”– Fakhruddin Attar (sounds like something you shouldn’t [...]

It’s On Like Donkey Kong: Immigration Patriot Jeff Sessions Vs. Cultural Marxist Nation Buster John Kelly

The battle lines have been drawn between the two men [...]

Flying the Multiracial Skies, Part II: Black Woman Rants On Plane, Not Dragged Off–EVERYONE ELSE Has To Get Off

I often find my blogs here vindicated by future events [...]

Multiple Rapist And Murderer Ledell Lee FINALLY Put To Death For 1993 Murder Of Debra Reese

An NBC story about the execution of Ledell Lee (above, [...]

San Jacinto Day 2017–Texas Is Still Free Of Mexico After 181 Years

Historical events like the Civil War/War Between The States or [...]

The Late Obama Age Collapse: Murder Rate Up 19% Post-Ferguson, 29% in Big Cities

The liberal Brennan Center at NYU has a report out [...]

Christopher Caldwell on a New French Theory of Political Correctness

Ideologically, France remains the second or third most important country [...]

Hillary’s 2016 Strategy Against Trump in Michigan: Don’t Mention the Election!

From the new book Shattered: Inside Hillary’s Doomed Campaign about [...]

NYT: “The Whiteness of the Teacher Corps as an Obstacle”

From the New York Times: Where Did All the Black [...]