Paul Gottfried: Conservatism, Inc, Neocons Only Fighting $PLC Because Their Own Ox Is Being Gored At Last

The recent exposé in the Wall Street Journal of the [...]

NYT: “In South Asian Social Castes, a Living Lab for Genetic Disease”

From the NYT: In South Asian Social Castes, a [...]

WASHINGTON POST Runs 1200 Words on Minneapolis Police Shooting, But No Mention of Shooter’s Name, Immigrant Status, Color, Ethnicity, or Affirmative Action Pokemon Points

A blonde lady in her pajamas explaining to the police [...]

Radio Derb And June Diary Feedback: South Africa Is Worse Than I Thought

First please note that I mis-spoke on last weekend’s podcast.  [...]

NYT Film Critic Praises George Romero: “The Casual, Unapologetic and Ultimately Self-Destructive Violence of White Supremacy Is the True and Enduring Horror of American Life.”

From the New York Times: In George Romero’s Zombie Films, [...]

VOX Posts 2000 Word Article on Minneapolis Police Shooting Without Mentioning Name of the Cop

From Vox: Minneapolis police shot an unarmed woman in her [...]

Unarmed Immigrant Shot by Minneapolis Police (White Lady Shot By Somali)

From New York Times, running an AP story: Relatives Demand [...]

Somali Cop Shoots Australian Woman In Minneapolis

A white Australian woman (Justine Diamond, right) was shot by [...]

Here’s Something Else Not Made In America: MSNBC Journalist Ali Velshi

So Ali Velshi, Mediaite reports, is poking fun at President [...]

Grace & Steel Podcast Roundup: Trump Versus CNN; Greetings From Bodymore, Murderland, With Your Guide James LaFond

Episode 85 of my podcast is now posted here (with [...]