NYT on the Environmentalist Glories of Leninism

he New York Times has been running retrospective articles under the heading “Red Century,” looking back, often fondly, on the legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution of 100 years ago. For example:

My Grandfather, the Secret Policeman

Jacob Mikanowski


And today:

Screenshot 2017-08-07 17.50.59

Actually, rather than being a modern environmentalist backpacker type, Lenin became an ardent bloodsport enthusiast (upper class mode) during his relatively luxurious 1890s Siberian exile under the Czar. In his village of internal exile, he became a leader of the local gentlemen hunters of fashion. Much like Teddy Roosevelt’s sojourn out West, the whole experience of being sent to Siberia was a bully tonic for Lenin’s vigor.

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