Not all Latin@s are for Obama

All those millions spent on GOP Hispanic strategic consultants are finally paying off!

From CNN:

Cat del Valle Castellanos

Editor's note: Cat del Valle Castellanos is a writer and a regular contributor to Maria Shriver's Open Field Network. 

Cat del Valle Castellanos

 (CNN) -- If there was a predominant reaction to this voter's indecision, shared in "Young, Female and Undecided" on CNN two weeks ago, it was incredulity. 

"The candidates have spent billions," I was told. "Their TV ads have replaced normal programming. This campaign has been longer than a life sentence. How can you still be undecided?" 

To clarify, my indecision did not stem from an unrequited love for either candidate. I just could not bring myself to support either of these guys. A vote for Obama makes me a crazy, government-expanding liberal. I vote for Romney and I'm a crazy, masochistic female. 

The truth is that voting for a candidate doesn't mean you stand united on every issue. This is not Build-a-Bear. I cannot create my own candidate, taking the best features from each then add a glowing heart and a soft, plush, huggable exterior. 

Nevertheless, I have made a choice. I'm young, female and decided. Drumroll, please... 

I'm voting for Mitt Romney. 

"Well, duh, your dad's a Republican strategist." 

My father Alex Castellanos' affiliation has not affected my decision.