“Immigrants Today Aren’t Einstein”

I especially liked this line in my friend James Fulford`s current post concerning Ben Wattenberg`s woolly-headed triumphalism about the American future:

And please don`t tell me about Einstein—immigrants today aren`t Einstein.

James`s cogent statement was anticipated several years ago by Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies:

People imagine [that we have] “Einstein immigration,” the best and the brightest, the cream of the crop, yada, yada, yada. Well, there`s some of that, but it`s mainly “a bunch of B students from Hyderabad Community College.”

(I now see, from googling in VDARE`s archives, that I`ve previously served up the Krikorian quote twice before.  No matter: It`s a useful and quite memorable way to make a very important point, especially given the seemingly ceaseless stream of clueless editorials such as Expand work visas for top foreign talent from the May 13th Kansas City Star.)