Here It Comes!—The Elite`s Post-Election Amnesty Dessert

What takes not one but several members of the Bush
Cabinet to Mexico

next week
, so soon after the election?
[“Mexico Seeks U.S. Immigration Changes,”
Mark Stevenson, Miami Herald, November 6, 2004].

To apologize for Arizona`s

Proposition 200
, which Mexico`s Foreign Relations
Department has already had the arrogance to

? Or to applaud Mexican Interior Secretary
Creel`s recent insolent remark

absurd that [the United States] is spending as much as
it`s spending to stop immigration flows that can`t be
stopped … instead of using that money on real threats
that pose risks for both countries`”

According to the

San Antonio Express-News
[“Immigration Accord
Seen By Hutchison, Mexican Official,”
by Guilermo X.
Garcia, November 5 2004], Presidents Bush and Fox agreed
to “initiate high priority talks especially with
respect to immigration”
during Fox`s congratulatory
phone call on Friday morning.

Looks like another

on the Election dessert menu.