Gillespie/Kudlow Immigration Video: As A Consultant, Gillespie Was FOR Amnesty, As A Candidate, He Weasels

When Matthew Richer wrote last night that

It’s not as if Ed Gillespie doesn’t realize how unpopular immigration is with Virginia voters. In fact, he recently removed a video from his website where he touts Amnesty in a cliché-ridden conversation with Larry Kudlow. [Ed Gillespie Removes Clip Touting Immigration Reform, By Daniel Strauss, TPM, January 14, 2014]

I thought the video had been hosted on the website and was unrecoverable. It`s not, it`s on MSNBC, and I`ve  embedded it below. (If it seems small, hit the fullscreen button.)

The significance of this is that as a consultant, telling GOP candidates how to sell themselves, he was touting:

Immigration Reform & the Republican Party

CNBC | June 25, 2013

Ed Gillespie discuss immigration reform with Larry Kudlow

But as a candidate, he`s backing away from it, because he knows that, in the words of the old advertising story, “the dogs don`t like it.”