Conservative Radio Host Pulled Off Air After Racial Slur November 9, 2004

 “Let no social worker,
psychologist or another member of the thought police
tell us we cannot hate, that we have to turn the other
cheek."—Theo Van Gogh`s mother

– 11/09/04

People who like the idea of “post-Christian”
Europe should think carefully about this poor woman`s

Van Gogh`s mother was
the first to speak inside the austere hall of the

"We are here together
because our child is dead, murdered," said the frail,
grey-haired lady, her voice choking with emotion.

"Theo was respected…
A barbarian robbed us of the thing we loved most
dearly," she said, her hands shaking.

"This week I felt my
life fill with anger and hatred… Let no social worker,

or another member of the

thought police
tell us we cannot hate, that we have
to turn the other cheek." (
mood as hundreds attend funeral of slain Dutch filmmaker
, Agence France Presse,

November 9 2004)

Carville: Third
Party In 2008


– 11/09/04

(Carville) "[In] 2008
there is going to be a significant third- party movement
in the United States that is going to combine


-ism. It is going to be anti- immigration,

, very, very cool on military intervention.
It would certainly not be great for Democrats to have
that." (
Carville and Stanley Greenberg
, Christian Science
May 20, 2004, By David T. Cook)

To which I would add
election reform and taking measures against voting fraud
will be a major issue.

Personally, I think
the way these diverse constituencies can unite is if
they both get serious about the need for political
decentralization. Issues like abortion and gay rights
were never intended to be national. Real
decentralization would allow states like

to do things like ban abortion–and impose a
death penalty for drug trafficking–and other states
would find themselves taking a rather different route.

decentralization of immigration policy proved itself in
the past to be more restrictive in practice than
federalized immigration policy after 1870.

Sierra Moneybags Story Being Soft-Pedaled?


– 11/09/04

Recently, I

at the

San Francisco Chronicle
for leaving out the most
important part of an article they reprinted, omitting
that the Sierra Club had been "persuaded" for
$100 million by a mysterious benefactor to ignore the
environmental effects of excessive immigration.

Correspondence with
the paper`s reader rep reveals that it was the wire
service of the LA Times, the original publisher
of the groundbreaking article ("The
Man Behind the Land"
by Kenneth R. Weiss, October
27, 2004) that had removed the vital revelations. The
version which appeared in the

Baltimore Sun
also left out the immigration
angle entirely.

Moneybagman David Gelbaum lives in Newport Beach, so
perhaps there was some influence brought to bear on
la Times
to put a lid on the scandalous fact of a
rich Wall Street investor essentially buying the Sierra
Club. Or maybe self-censorship just kicked in.

Agitators Suppressing Free Speech in Wisconsin—With Help
From Big Business [Bryanna
– 11/09/04

The First Amendment of the Bill of Right`s guarantees
the right to freedom of speech.  

It does not say except when that speech is
construed as offensive.”

Clear Channel Communications
, which owns radio
stations in Milwaukee, apparently disagrees:  

Host Used Slur on Air, Joked About It for Days

“MILWAUKEE — A radio
station pulled a conservative talk radio show from the
airwaves Monday as Hispanics continued to protest its
host and his use of a racial slur.”

Michael Belling
, “whose show consistently tops
the ratings”
, was covering the election when he
said: "You watch the voter turnout on the near south
[of Milwaukee], heavily Hispanic, and
compare it to the voter turnout in any other election,
and you`re going to see every wetback and every other
non-citizen out there voting." 

According to Maria Monreal-Cameron, president and CEO of the

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin
, Mark Belling`s implied hatred
should lead to his dismissal.  She says:

"He has every right in
the world to free speech. He does not have the right to
hate speech."

Local CBS affiliate WDJT-TV was also “reviewing”
its contract with Belling—but what did you expect from
CBS? (WDJT-TV says “we read every message we receive”

them one).

Of course, the best example of race-based hatred is not
Michael Billing`s one-time comment. Have a look at the
MECha organization—the  Moviemiento Estudiantil Chicano
de AZTLAN Chicano Student Movement.  These people are
wild….but their hate-mongering is well protected by the
first amendment.  For example,

Perez of
State Northridge MEChA:

ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan."

asked political preference] "Communism would be
closest. Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled
…opposition groups would be quashed because you have
to keep the power."


, former Speaker of the California
Assembly and national co-chair of the John Kerry for
President Campaign is one of the more high-profile
. Asked about his affiliation with this
Chicano hate group, he


“This is a country of
opportunity and this is also a country of free speech.”

I hope
he remembers his dedication to free speech when it is
spoken against him or la raza.

Clear Channel said Mark Belling`s program would return. But it`s not
saying when.

What a disappointment
Clear Channel Communications Inc. is.  They
sacrificed Mark Belling, one of their top-rated radio hosts to
appease the gluttonous desires of professional Latino

Speaking of freedoms,
I am free to protest their cowardice…and free to change
the channel.

Mark Belling—but it`s a Clear
Channel address.

Clear Channel CEO

Mark Mays

to reinstate Mark Belling