Charles Murray On Iowahawk:”A Hell Of An Applied Statistician”

Charles Murray blogs on the Iowahawk post discussed in Steve Sailer`s latest column:

Out of nowhere-at least I`d never heard of him-comes a posting by one David Burge on his blog, Iowahawk, in which he tore Krugman`s numbers apart. I don`t mean he found some soft spots. I`m talking evisceration. The post has been flying around cyberspace and has a attracted a lot of flak to which Burge has now responded.

I recommend both posts as tours de force on two levels. First, they are saturated with the best kind of Internet irreverence and humor-sophomoric occasionally, lmao funny more often. Second, the guy is a hell of an applied statistician.

It`s wonderful: Paul Krugman`s got his mile-high New York Times platform, Burge has an obscure blog. And yet, in the world of the Internet, he can take Krugman down and end up letting a whole lot of people know he`s done it.

[Why I Love the Internet and Am Proud to Be from Iowa « The Enterprise Blog, March 7, 2011]