The Center For The Study Of The Great Ideas Applauds James Fulford`s Defense Of Great Books

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11/29/08 – Saturday Forum:
A California Reader Says Unemployed Americans` “Plan B”
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Weismann (e-mail

Re: James Fulford`s Blog
Great Books—Who Wrote Them? And Who Can Say?

Fulford wrote about Alex Beam`s book A Great Idea At The Time: The Rise, Fall, And Curious Afterlife of The Great Books,
a book
that provides
a good example of

argumentum ad hominem

Beam`s subtitle should have read “Every Negative Fact
and Innuendo I Could Dredge Up.”

Although Beam was not particularly unkind to me in the
book, I found virtually every page to be a smart-alecky
and snide diatribe of the worst order against the Great
Mortimer Adler

Robert Hutchins
, et al. Worse, the book is replete
with errors of commission and omission.

As an effective antidote, I prescribe Hutchins` pithy
The Great Conversation.

If the Great
crusade is as bleak as Beam purports, then
happily, not many will read his invective book.

Weisman is President and co-founder with Mortimer
Adler of the
Center for the Study of The Great Ideas