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A Southeastern
Louisiana Student Catches Morris Dees On Tape Telling A
School Reporter To “F— Off”; etc.



Recently, some
students that I work with at

Southeastern Louisiana University
started a
conservative paper called The Protectorate.

As a first project,
they protested the

Southern Poverty Law Center`s

Morris Dees
. They made phony handbills that at first
looked like they were promoting Dees, but actually
contained unflattering information.

They also confronted
him after a

campus event,

told them to "F—off." They got it on
tape, unfortunately not very loud though, but if you
listen carefully you can hear it at around 24 seconds.

The of the
incident is

. Another video of Dees is


Thanks to VDARE.COM
and keep up your good work. I`ll be in touch with you
about our upcoming projects.

writer is a sophomore at the university

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Vietnamese Immigration Reform
Group Charges the SPLC With Racism


Binh [e-mail

Kevin MacDonald`s Column:

Heidi Does Long Beach; The SPLC Versus Academic Freedom

am asking all who are concerned about the SPLC to

print out our flier
and mail it to

Heidi Beirich

Tell her that the

Vietnamese For Fair Immigration.

is launching an investigation into the SPLC`s support of

Binh is a former president of

Vietnamese for Fair Immigration

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A Connecticut Reader Has
Problems With Kevin MacDonald`s Column


[Name Withheld]

since I agree with most of it. But I have some problems
with MacDonald`s article.


that Jewish activity is best understood as

group competitive strategy
directed against
neighboring peoples.

I don`t understand

Jewish liberalism,

Jewish support for non-traditional immigration,
I do see that Jewish interests are harmed—not helped— by
this illegal immigration.

The flood of
Hispanic immigrants into America leads to more crime,
poverty, and trouble for

everyone, including Jews.

And in Europe, the

flood of Moslem immigrants
is anti-Jewish, not

My grandfather
fought for Germany in

. Many Jews fought

very bravely
for the wrong side (Germany) in this
war. Why did they do that if they were out to harm their
host society?

At least some of
the Jews who I know personally

are concerned
about Hispanic and

Moslem immigration
to the US. And all the Jews I
know are Zionists.

The writer is a

computer programmer

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A Texas Republican Is
Having A Hard Time Following Guzzardi`s Advice To “Chill
Out” About The Democrats


Mike Johnson [email

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s

Joe Chides His Republican Immigration Reform Friends and
Allies For Having Little Faith

With all due respect to VDARE.COM`s Guzzardi, I`m having
a hard time “chilling out“—as he recommends—over
the recent Democratic takeover of Congress.

I ceased to be a Republican in 2002, when VDARE.COM
informed me that

Jorge Bush
had pushed yet another amnesty for
illegal aliens through the House on a voice vote.
[ note:
Republican Congressmen


to push it through on voice vote,

Tom Tancredo
stood up

forced them to take a recorded vote.

Still, given only a

Hobson`s choice
between Republicans and

though, I`ll take the Republicans any day.

In the recent election, the immigration plank of the
Democratic Party platform called for a

path for undocumented aliens to earn citizenship

This is Democrat-speak for blanket amnesty. It`s
tantamount to extending an invitation to all

five billion residents
of the third world to come
live in America. Need we review the

Democratic Party`s record


Guzzardi asserts that the Democrats face defeat in 2008
if they issue an amnesty. He makes three tacit
assumptions in doing so:

  • Democrats are
    sufficiently rational to understand that most of
    American doesn`t buy into its platform.

  • America will
    still be a

    First World
    country that holds regular elections
    in 2008.

I hope he`s right, but I wouldn`t bet the ranch on it.
The combination of a Democratic Congress and a

president is a looming disaster.

Johnson is a

software engineer

in Houston, Texas. Based on his previous correspondence
to VDARE.COM, he is

not fond



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A Utah Reader Thanks Guzzardi
For Offering A Ray Of Hope


Gaylan Stewart [e-mail

Before I read Guzzardi`s article chiding those
Republicans of little faith, I was feeling quite

But he reminded me that things generally have a way of
working out in America.

The recent

Democratic take over
of Congress reminded me of how
I felt when

Barry Goldwater
lost to

Lyndon Johnson
in 1964.

But you know what,

we`re still plugging along
42 years later.

Joe Guzzardi

comments: The first
presidential vote I cast was for Goldwater…and I was
very proud of it.

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