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A Former Marine In Texas Reports A Mexican Teacher Caught Moonlighting—As A Drug Dealer; etc.

Mary Leverett: (e-mail

Because she suffered from emotional
trauma when an infant and had language difficulties, a
friend`s child was placed in a Spanish-speaking
. I wrote to
about this situation in

my February 16 letter.

In early October, the class`s
teacher was arrested for money laundering and drug

to the story, Montgomery County sheriff
deputies said 40-year-old Elena Ducoing, the first-grade
teacher at Greenleaf Elementary School to whom I had
earlier referred, was arrested Wednesday after a
six-month investigation.[Teacher
Accused Of Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering
,, October 9, 2008]

She is suspected of laundering
millions of dollars and trafficking marijuana,



Investigators said they seized several
computers, ten pounds of

, three grams of cocaine, a money-counting
machine, $2,300 in cash and other items used to package
and transport money and drugs.

Ducoing`s story doesn`t end there.

According to detectives Ducoing`s
husband, Roberto Munoz, has strong ties to one of Mexico`s most
notorious drug cartels,

Los Zetas/Gulf Cartel
. He was arrested last month.

Members of the Los Zetas/Gulf Cartel
are believed to be responsible for numerous murders,

and other
violent crimes
in Mexico
and in the
United States

Were any background checks performed
on Ducoing, I wonder?

Or was it just full speed ahead in the
name of

and ethnic diversity?

This is what it has come to in

— hardened criminals posing as teachers have
the fate of our children in their hands.

Leverett`s opinion about fellow Marine General Peter
Pace and his disingenuous immigration views is

. Previous letters she wrote about Mychal Bell
and multiculturalism gone mad at the Denver Public Library are



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A Utah Reader Says The Troublemakers “Never Learn”

From: Elmer
Singleton (e-mail

The agitators are loudly announcing
that on the day after Barack Obama is sworn in, they

take to the streets
to demand the amnesty that the
he ill-advisedly promised them.[US
Immigrants to March a Day After Obama Takes Over
AFP, November 12, 2008]

Troublemakers never learn.

In the first place, even if the
ethnic identity groups do march, that can only help us.
Remember that two years ago, in much more stable
economic environment,

alien demonstrations
and rallies

united Americans against amnesty

Imagine what the public reaction
today would be to rewarding law breakers would while
Americans are losing their homes and jobs.

Obama, if he`s as smart as he
thinks he is, can easily skirt the entire issue before
he so much as steps foot into the White House.

All he has to do is simply say that
the first items on his agenda are resolving the

financial crisis
, stabilizing the
, helping people in

, saving the


creating jobs

If he wants to build himself an
additional cushion, he can add to his list

Iraq withdrawal

universal health care

energy independence

“, Obama should then firmly state,
has to wait.

Without even mentioning

or comprehensive
immigration reform,”
Obama could make it clear
that it is a low priority issue.

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A New Jersey Reader See A David Dinkins-Like Career For Obama

Jim Rossi (e-mail

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column: Bad Bush, Bad McCain, Bad Campaign= Wipeout!

George W. Bush`s problems started from his first day.
What happened was that the Democrats never accepted Bush as president after the 2000 election fiasco. Then the media disgracefully subjected him to continuous ridicule in a manner that I can`t remember being leveled at any previous president—and I can remember back to Dwight Eisenhower.

I hope I`m wrong but I suspect we will miss Bush in about a year, when, as Vice President-elect Joe Biden predicted, President Barack Obama is tested.
Guzzardi hit the nail on the head about the expectations swirling around Obama.

He`s already created problems following his appointment of Rahm Emanuel chief of staff.

From Obama`s perspective, Emanuel is a good choice because he`s an excellent strategist. But naming Emanuel disappointed some of Obama`s supporters.

Hispanics don`t like Emanuel because he didn`t press first term Congressmen to support "
comprehensive immigration reform", since most of them ran as immigration restrictionists.

Pro-Palestinians are put out because Emanuel is a hawk on Israel and a supporter of Bibi Netanyahu.
Republicans, who barely count, criticized Emanuel`s appointment because he`s divisive.

As Obama will soon find out, despite his raft of promises, you can`t please everyone.

I expect Obama`s career will end up similar to that of the former and first-time-ever African-American New York Mayor David Dinkins who promised to heal the city`s racial divide.
But by the end of Dinkin`s first and only term, he had alienated everyone.
As a consequence Dinkins, a Democrat, lost his re-election bid to Republican Rudy Giuliani despite the overwhelming predominance of Democratic voters throughout the city.

Rossi`s previous letters about Hillary Clinton` 2012 prospects and the GOP`s numerous political problems besides immigration are here and here.

Joe Guzzardi comments:
About Bush`s early relationship with the Democrats and the media, I`m not so sure. During the first months of Bush`s administration there was a lot of happy talk about bipartisanship, especially as it related to “No Child Left Behind.” Look at

this picture of Teddy Kennedy and Bush—all smiles.

As for the press, Bush got a completely free ride on the Iraq War—hardly a single pressing question from any journalist. Early during the war, Bush`s popularity was around 80 percent—largely the result of an adoring press.

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An Alaska Reader Defends Sarah Palin

From:  Ryan Kennedy (e-mail

Re: Today`s Letter: An
Alaska Reader Explains How Sarah Palin Can “Exact Her
Revenge” On The GOP

Tom Sullivan wrote a silly letter about


There is no way she will appoint herself Senator. 
After all, Palin rose to power fiercely criticizing

Gov. Frank Murkowski
for appointing his daughter to
the US

Palin said as much on a recent local
radio talk show:

The Palin plan is to get busy working as Alaska`s governor, run
for re-election in 2010 and then for president in 2012. 

We have four years to convince Palin about the

Sailer strategy

Kennedy`s column about Palin is

. His other articles and letters are archived

Joe Guzzardi

Sarah Palin is currently the world`s most visible human being. Try turning
on your television and
seeing her.

Our friend Ryan Kennedy wrote his letter before Palin
hedged her bets (again!) by saying:

My life is in God`s
hands. If he`s got doors open for me, that I believe are
in our state`s best interest, the nation`s best
interest, I`m going to go through those doors." 
Won`t Rule Out Senate Run,
by Kyle
Hokins, Anchorage Daily
, November 14, 2008]

My personal opinion: Palin should go for it! Appoint
herself U.S. Senator followed a couple of years later by
announcing her presidential candidacy. I don`t care if
she knows whether Africa is a continent or not. There is no possible way
Palin, if elected, could do a worse job than anyone who
has been the President for the last several decades.

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