Pueblo Reader Unimpressed By Her Bishop`s Selective Concern For “Human Dignity”

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12/16/06 –
A Reader Reports On Some Unsuccessful Vandalism

A Reader Writes from Pueblo, Colorado:

In the Saturday, December 16, 2006 issue of the
Pueblo Chieftain,
it was reported "
of the Diocese of Pueblo labels meat-plant raids as
"  In this lengthy news article

Bishop Arthur Tafoya
[send him

] decries the six state sweeps in which illegal
aliens were caught using stolen social security numbers
to work at meat-packing plants.

"Tafoya called the raids
"inhuman" and lamented dangers to "the safety and
well-being of the children and families torn apart by
the raids."

"Tafoya was

by the government rationale for the raids." 
This was referring to stolen identities of the Americans
social security numbers and of course the illegality of
the presence of the illegal aliens in the first place.

"A just law, the bishop
said, "is meant to benefit, not to enslave humankind. 
Undocumented workers have human dignity and human rights
that should be respected at all costs."

I would say this to our Bishop. Lord, we pray for
those Americans who have lost their


to illegal aliens.  We pray for the
homeless and disabled Americans who are unable to find
work due to  illegal aliens. We pray for the souls in
our state who have lost their lives to


caused by illegal aliens. We pray that

high standing religious leaders
would look deep into
their hearts and

quit playing the race card
. Lord hear our prayers.