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A Connecticut Reader Asks Why The US Justice Department Is Still Calling Terrorist Immigrants “New York Man”

From: Joseph Morabito [Email him] It has been said that [...]

A Baltimore Reader Catches Hoover’s Richard Epstein Claiming That DREAMers “Study, Teach, And Work” At Major Research Universities

From: No Name In Baltimore [Email him] Interesting item to [...]

Another Reader Finds Out What Happened To The Director Of A CHRISTMAS STORY (Killed By An Illegal)

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A Facebook Non-Friend Wants Monitored, Infiltrated, And “Kept An Eye On” By Both Antifa And The FBI!

From: Mark Williams [On Facebook] They deserve 5 stars for [...]

A New York Reader Notes That Kaepernick Isn’t The Only Player Blackballed For Kneeling–Remember Tim Tebow?

Re:  Eugene Gant’s  blog item SLATE: Kaepernick Can’t Get A [...]

A Retired LA Teacher Reminds Us There’s No Verification Of Either Age Or School Attendance For “DREAMers”

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Virginia Abernethy Writes On The Federal Law That Protects Confederate Memorials

Re: Steve Sailer’s blog item Pro-Castro Madison Mayor Desecrates Cemetery [...]

A Philadelphia Reader Notes A Libertarian Split Over Patriotism

From: A Philadelphia Reader [Email him] VDARE readers are already [...]

Dr. Srdja Trifkovic Writes On The Surrender Of The Lidl Supermarket Food Company To Christophobia

From: Srdja Trifkovic [Email him] Copy of an email sent to [...]

A Reader Explains Why Kevin Williamson Dismisses The White Working Class–He’s Paid $212,000 Per Annum To Do SO

Re: James Kirkpatrick’s “The Little Cucks”—NATIONAL REVIEW, Kevin D. Williamson [...]