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A Texas Reader Says That If California Wants To Be An Illegal Sanctuary, Let’s Send Them MORE Illegals

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A Marine Veteran Writes On Teaching Marksmanship To Black Recruits In The ’60s

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A Historically Minded Reader Reminds Us That The Worst Massacres In American History Are Still Those Conducted By Indians–Without Guns

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A Left-Wing Reader Misses The Point On Black Mass Shootings, Tries To “White Guilt”

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A Reader Has A List Of 50 (!) Incidents The Defy The Stereotype Of White Americans Committing Mass Shootings

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A Computer Science Professional Says That The Real Skill Techies Need These Days Is “How To Train Your Replacement”

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An Australian Reader Calls The Brexit Democracy Derby: British Working Class 1, Immigration 0

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A Reader Writes About The Latest “Hate” At Cornell

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A Reader Says The GOP Leadership Is So Paralyzed With Fear Of Being Called Racist They’d Rather See Us Dead.

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