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A West Texas Reader Comments On The Loony Diversity Visa

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A Reader Says If Washington Were Alive, He Wouldn’t WANT His Name On A Current Year Episcopal Church

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A Talk Radio Listener Wants Trump To Release Sealed MLK Records As Well As JFK Archives

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A Canadian Reader Mourns The Death Of Ethnomasochist Musician Gord Downie

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A Reader Reports Illegals Fearing Deportation Are Leaving Under Their Own Steam–The “Trump Effect”

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Talk Radio Listener Wonders If ANYTHING A Judge Can Do Will Make GOP Propose Impeachment?

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A Reader Is Unimpressed By The MacArthur Foundation’s Latest Illegal “Genius”

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A Reader Alerts Us To The Paris Statement–“A Europe We Can Believe In”

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A West Texas Reader Is Cheered By Trump’s Enforcement Plan

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A Reader Points Out That If There’s No Freedom Of Speech, There’s No Freedom Of Hearing Either

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