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A Florida Reader Reports On A Visit By Empty Black Suit Ibram X. Kendi

From: The Florida Observer [Email him] The Sunday, November 5th [...]

A Reader Thanks For Presenting New And Interesting Science

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A Canadian Reader Is Contemplating Further Flight From Canada’s Increasing Diversity

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An Australian Reader Reports Gay-Hating Immigrants Deciding The Gay Marriage Vote In Australia

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A West Texas Reader Says It’s Past Time For The GOP To Realize That Immigrants WILL Vote Democratic

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An Australian Reader Reports On Higher Education In The Antipodes: “Indigenous”, “Race”, “Gender”, Blah Blah Blah

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An Oregon Reader Points To A TV Show That, Unlike LAW & ORDER, Tells The Truth About Crime

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A Lancaster, Pennsylvania Reader Reports On A Dominican “DREAMer” Who’s Already Got Three College Degrees With Your Money–Thanks To DACA

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A California Reader Reminds Us That The Air Force Hate Hoax School Is For Affirmative Action Cases

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A Washington State Reader Writes On The Surprisingly Low IQ Scores Of Sudanese Immigrants

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