Missouri Synod Lutherans Post Immigration Enthusiast Thesis On Golden Door

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– A Reader Says One Iowa Mayor Is
Waking Up

From:  A
Lutheran Reader

I`ve just found an astounding and schizophrenic
position taken by the

Lutheran Church
-Missouri Synod (LCMS) leadership
with respect to immigration.

First, the LCMS website has a number of well-written
and researched papers that very clearly point out the
harm to Americans posed by illegal immigration (and
implicitly by legal immigration from the Third
World in large numbers):


economic drain,

, etc.  Here`s the link:

Legal and Illegal Immigration Discussion Points

The editorial staff of

Mercy Notes
has compiled some brief articles
intended to promote discussion of various facets of the
immigration issue.. 

 Of particular note is that legal immigration is at a
record high in U.S. history, and increased legal
immigration encourages illegal immigration:

"Between January 2000 and
March 2005, 7.9 million new immigrants arrived – the
highest five-year period in our history. Of this number,
over half were illegal."

"An Immigration and
Naturalization Service report explained that the
increase resulted from friends and families of newly
legalized aliens entering the U.S. illegally to await
the next amnesty."

Yet, in light of this, the LCMS Immigration
Convention Proceedings managed to resolve that:

"… we encourage our
congregations, Districts, synodical church officials,
boards, and agencies to petition our federal and state
governments and their agencies to continue funding
existing refugee or immigrant or asylee resettlement
programs and agencies; and be it further Resolved,
That we encourage our congregations, individually or
jointly, to contact

, LCMS World Relief , and/or local Lutheran
social agencies or services for information and
assistance to

resettle at least one refugee or immigrant or asylee
as soon as possible and that this action be
taken to carry out the Great Commission." 

To Support Refugee/Immigrant/Asylee Resettlement

I encourage all members of the LCMS to watch out for
this agenda being implemented in their churches by their
"shepherds."  [contact