by "A Californian"

Today`s headlines:

Tens of thousands of migrant workers
illegally flood into a small border community,
brazenly and openly settling in. They work more
cheaply than the native population, are willing
to live twenty to an apartment and even do
without many modern amenities. Overwhelmingly
male, they pursue the women of the host
community. Since most females do not reciprocate
their attentions, rapes ensue. Then murders. The
locals demand that the immivasion be halted.
Authorities do nothing. The authorities want the
cheap labor and the profits they generate for
the wealthy few. The migrants refuse to take any
steps towards assimilation, insisting on
speaking their own language. Too many migrants
arriving too fast cause a glut in the labor
pool, even for the most menial of jobs.
Thousands of migrants are unemployed and seek
the benefits of the host country`s social
welfare system. Robberies and burglaries rise.
Violent crimes rise. The youngest migrants form
into small gangs. They import illegal drugs.
More rapes. More murders. The locals snap. There
is a riot. They are accused of racism and
zenophobia. The press condemns the locals and
calls for greater tolerance. Nothing is done.
The immivasion continues, social polarity
hardens, the quality of life worsens, the
problems get bigger with every passing day. The
locals feel like strangers in their own country.

Southern California ? No. Southern Spain. And
the local racist zenophobes are not Americans,
but Spaniards.

New York Times, Page 1,
Monday, May 8 "Migrant Fears Rend a Spanish

May 8, 2000