Health Cost Study Likely to Disregard Immigrant Impact

February 05, 2003

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Frederick Fowler

Subject: Phony Study on Use of Emergency Care

Recently I received the first issue in 2003 of
Brandeis Review–the President`s Report Issue. This
magazine is sent to me because I am a graduate of
Brandeis University (having received a Master`s degree
in physics) and, in a moment of weakness, I once ordered
their directory of graduates. On page seven of this
issue, there is a short news article about a grant that
has been awarded to Brandeis`s Schneider Institute for
Health Policy, which is part of the Heller School for
Social Policy and Management. The purpose of the grant
is to fund a study on the demand for

emergency room care
in California hospitals. The
grant has been awarded by the California HealthCare
Foundation, and, in partnership with the Blue Cross Blue
Shield Foundation on Health Care, Blue Shield of
California, and Blue Cross of California, the Schneider
Institute will "study emergency department (ED) use
and the impact on patient care and health care costs."

This sounds like a dull but useful bit of research,
until one reads the title of the study:

"Utilization of Hospital Emergency Departments by
Insured Populations."
The article goes on to say
that the study will use a database of insured persons in
California to examine the use of emergency care, and
that "A key objective of the study is to gain a
better understanding of the reasons that ED use began to
increase in the late 1990s . . . The study will examine
increased cost due to substitution of ED care for
office-based medical care".

It is obvious from this article that the study will
completely ignore the real reason for the greatly
increased use of emergency room care in California.
Anyone who has been reading

Chronicles Magazine

over the past 6
years, or who has kept himself informed about
immigration through the Internet, knows that the huge
increase in the use of emergency room care has been
caused by

illegal aliens,
most of whom are
from Mexico. Anyone who has to go to the emergency
department of a hospital in any big city in practically
any state knows that this is the case; emergency rooms

flooded with illegals
who are there to get routine
care. The hospitals are forced–by government–to treat
them without being able to charge them, and the

are being passed on to

Americans who have health insurance.

What I would like to know is whether the people who
will be carrying out the study know this. Are they truly
ignorant? Or are they taking part in an attempt at
hiding the true cause of the increased hospital costs?
My guess would be the latter, since it is almost
impossible for anyone to be ignorant in this matter if
he bothers to look into it. In fact, I would bet that
this study will be used in the future as "proof" that
illegal aliens are not causing the

huge increase in hospital costs
, and that Americans
run to the emergency room too often instead of waiting
and going to their doctors` offices.

You might want to keep an eye out for this
"research". It will be very interesting to see just
exactly how the authors hide the real state of affairs.

Frederick Fowler