An Asian Reader Says White Unemployment Statistics Don`t Surprise Him

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A California Immigration
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Edwin S. Rubenstein`s Column:

National Data: A Cold
February for White Workers

I read Rubenstein`s statistics on white unemployment
and frankly, as a 28-year- old

, I`m not surprised. 

I live in New York and grew up with a multiethnic
circle of friends consisting of

whites, Hispanics and Asians
. As a post college
graduate, I know that the realities of

affirmative action
and the broader goal of

are more far reaching than any statistics
can indicate.  

Let me start off by saying in the private sector
minorities like me generally have

layoff protection
. We are essentially guaranteed
employment regardless of

downsizing or off-shoring

Frankly, the only people I know who have been

laid off
in the past few years are white. Some white
friends who are computer programmers or engineers have
been unemployed for some time.   

Most of the black and Hispanics from our group have

civil service jobs
at various levels of government
which pay private sector salaries but offer public
sector benefits and stability. 

As an

professional, I have my pick of job openings
when they become available. I have already landed
positions where there were an average of 200
applicants.  I have started a business and bought real
estate through

Small Business Association
and other minority


in our group have not fared as well. To be
honest, I feel for them. 

I have three or four friends who have applied for
graduate programs who have at least

3.8 grade point averages
. None of them have gained

Other white friends have applied for public sector

teaching jobs
but again none have been called for
interviews except to undesirable school districts. 

And, as an added advantage, I must say that Asian`s
economic success and elevated status have improved our
romantic prospects. 

In high school, most

interracial couples
were usually white men with
Asian women. But now that the economic marketplace
subordinates whites, every Asian I know now has a trophy
white girlfriend.   It is interesting to observe the
link between economics and romance.

It looks like if you`re white and don`t have old
money or

good connections
, life is pretty tough.