An Affirmative Action Case “Thanks” Legally Blonde

Re:  Amelia Earhart’s Legally Blonde In An Affirmative Action World

From: Tamara Harris [Email her]

Thanks for writing an offensive, racist, and ignorant article.  We need more lawyers like you.  Thanks a lot!


Tamara C. Harris, J.D.

Southwestern Law School

Entertainment and Media Law LL.M. Candidate 2013

Journal of International Medial [Sic]and Entertainment Law

Student Editor

Telephone: xxx-xxx-xxxx


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James Fulford writes: Only a brief online search was required to confirm that Ms. Harris is eligible for the more traditional forms of Affirmative Action, which got her into the 129th best law school in the country, and the position of student editor on a journal whose name she’s misspelled in her signature.

While there are plenty of lawyers like Ms. Harris, we do in fact need more like “Amelia Earhart”—people like us need lawyers, too.