A Swedish Reader Says Sweden`s Pat Buchanan is…A Turkish Immigrant!

October 02, 2004

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Reader Says Time Has Flip-Flopped On

From: Michael Stahlberg, Tyreso,

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Here? Sweden`s Hate Crime Laws Hateful—And Unequally
by Jared Taylor]

It`s really a strange situation. An
elderly Turkish immigrant in the southern town of Malmö
in Sweden co-writes an article in a Social Democratic
evening paper, Aftonbladet, demanding a stop to
all immigration until all immigrants, who have already
arrived, are working and integrated. ["Rosengårds
problem är hela Sveriges"
September 9, 2004

It should have been done long ago,
he says. And considering a population of nine million,
of which 12 percent are born in another country, and
that 400 000-500 000 are

(a very recent development), he has a point.
Especially since the familiar problems of crime,

gang rapes
and the like are abundant in the
big cities

In these cities of course not only
12 percent but sometimes closer to 50 percent of the
population is either born in another country or has one
parent who is. At least, that`s the case in Malmö. (I
work in

, and think the statistics are a little
less dramatic here, but when you walk around in downtown
Stockholm the non-European faces sometimes outnumber the
Europeans ones.)

Suad Cicek says he and friends are
planning to start a one-issue-party demanding a stop to
all immigration. The logic being that the present

open borders-policies
are a threat to both Swedes
and immigrants.

Now what happens?

1) Not one Nationalist paper
reports on this. (Well, they may, but in five days, not
a word.)

2) Not one member of the
pro-immigration Establishment either.

It looks like a conspiracy of
silence to sweep the radical article of Mr. Suad Cicek
under the rug. So why did that Social Democratic evening
paper publish that article in the first place? A mole
working within the Establishment?

Well, I`m certain there are such
moles, considering that 50 percent in a survey conducted
by the

University of Gothenberg
two years in a row agree
with the proposition that fewer asylum seekers would be
desirable (who can really think otherwise?). And that 67
percent of the voters of the so-called Conservative

Moderata Samlingspartiet,
want less immigrants as

This confirms what one can read in

Professor Samuel Huntington`s
excellent book, "Who
Are We?
of the divide between ruled and rulers
on making

English the official language
of the American states
and on  "affirmative

So how long can this situation
last? Will it be changed, ironically, by immigrants

an end to immigration, like in the case of
Mr. Cicek (since the subject is taboo among white
Europeans) or will a radical nationalist movement or a
populist one emerge and sweep all over Europe?  

Well, it almost already has.

The Dutch are about to deport 26
000 refugees. And within the European Union there`s talk
of establishing camps outside the EU, to handle the
refugee problem, which Mr. Cicek boldly claims is not
really a real refugee problem, but rather

caused by the rumor that
you can live comfortably without working in

and other European countries. And, he also
stresses, the ones who come are to a large extent not
that poor, since they have to pay a small fortune to
refugee smugglers. The really poor and needy can`t
afford to come here at all.

To sum it up: the situation in
continental Europe (and neighboring


) is better than in the U.S. and Sweden when
it comes to discussing the immigration issue openly. But
perhaps Professor Huntington`s book will change all

Sweden is funnily enough very much like the U.S. Or even
worse, since our Pat Buchanan is a Turkish immigrant. On
the other hand, both are my heroes.