A Representative Of The Sport Of Kings Supports Immigration; Peter Brimelow Says Neigh

October 27, 2003

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A Reader Asks, Standing Athwart History?



Your (publication) sounds a lot
like maybe you`re competing with the Neo-Nazis for the
title of post year-2000 Hitler
Dear us – even after we called Hitler the “
immigrant in history
]—All this we and
they, send "them" all back to Mexico mentality.

I personally work at a thoroughbred
horse farm—we`ve had MAYBE three people show up in the
last 4 years who have been American, and only one of
those (a white male) made it past lunch on the first
day. No one else was willing to

do the work
—and work hard enough at it (7 days one
week—6 days the next.)

Working with crazy thoroughbreds is

vocation, one that requires

skill and discipline and patience

And I am proud these men and women
have come to work with us here, but maybe our world is a
little larger than the box in which you reside.

You look down your nose—scoff at
the difference in culture— but do you even stop to
calculate how much $ is left in

Social Security
and taken out in

that will never go back to the individual
(Latinos who do not have a

Social Security number yet must have taxes
taken out anyway.)

Probably not, you are too busy
congratulating yourself on being a "bonafide"

Oh but wait, did you say you were

Sioux or Cherokee
—or any of the other over 300
tribes of

Native American?

No? Oh yes, your grandparents were
some of those pesky immigrants, shame on them for trying
to make life better, they should have known their place,

Brimelow neighs:

I am always on the lookout

hoax letters
, but only a genuine immigration
enthusiast loony would risk three discredited clichés –
Nazis, Social Security, Indians – in the same diatribe.

we`re left with an extraordinary argument: immigration
is a good thing because it allows the thoroughbred race
industry, so notoriously a rich man`s plaything that
it`s nicknamed the

Sport of Kings
, to force
stable boys to work thirteen out of every fourteen days.

this is an argument for immigration, do we need
arguments against?