A Reader Writes On Immigration And The Electoral College

I was reading D. W. Brogan`s Politics In

He wrote that in the 1920s or 1930s a proposal
was made to reduce the size of Alabama`s
congressional delegation to reflect the
disenfranchisement of its black population.
Senator Hugo Black suggested in response that
New York State`s delegation might be reduced in
proportion to the number of resident aliens.

It hadn`t occurred to me that resident aliens
had Congressional representation, but they do.

And they form a not-insignificant part of the
Electoral College, especially in California.

Here are some very rough figures, with links
to the official figures:

Ten million legal residents are twenty
electoral votes, and 5,000,000 illegals are ten
electoral votes, assuming that the Census has
counted them somehow in 1996, but only when they
get past 500,000 per state do they show up in
the Electoral College.

California has 5.7 Million alien residents,
so 11 of its 54 votes are a result of a
combination of the 1965 Immigration Act and poor
Border Patrol funding.

Florida has 790,000 legals and 350,000
illegals for 2 electoral votes.

New Jersey`s legal total would come to less
than one electoral vote or congressman, but the
state`s 135,000 illegals put the resident alien
population over the requisite half million.

Of course, it`s illegal for any of these
people actually to vote in the
Presidential election, but many of them are
registered to vote anyway.

Electoral College, list of states and votes


Legal Alien Resident Population, by state


Illegal Alien Resident Population, by state


Boston Globe, November, 2000:
Immigrant Voter Surge Seen Aiding Gore – Record
Number Enrolled After Backlog by Walter W.


November 6, 2000