A Reader Says We Shouldn`t Be Called “Anti-Immigration.”

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A Democratic Reader
Wonders If He`s Alone

From: Fred Fries

Your excellent piece
on the

at the WSJ says,

"Where there`s a will, there`s a way to sue in America.
So it was probably inevitable that the anti-immigrant
political right
usual cheap smear. We`re actually anti-immigration.
There`s a difference. But the WSJ Edit Page is
manifestly part of the anti-American political right.]

would join with…”

Must Vdare.com
and like-minded folk endure being wrongly called
"anti-immigration"? We`re not "anti-immigration," only
"anti-excessive immigration."

Advocating the return of the
pre-1965 immigration policy
isn`t anti-immigration.
It`s pro-immigration and the only way to be
pro-immigration, since immigration by definition
presupposes distinct countries, whose distinctness it
risks destroying if permitted to continue at wildly
excessive levels.

Is the imposition of bag limits on hunters an
anti-hunting measure, or of whale-fishery catch limits
an anti-whale measure? On the contrary, they are the
only possible pro-hunting and pro-whale-fishery

Imposing reasonable limits on immigration – the pre-1965
policy for example – would be pro-immigration and the
only possible pro-immigration policy. There`ll be no
immigration once the world`s been
transformed into one big Mexico or China – just
populations shifting about within
one big country.

Can our side shake the "anti-immigration" label? (Or
should that be the "anti-immigration libel"?) We`re not
anti-immigration — the other side is.

Peter Brimelow sighs
Of course, this is true. It`s a point the heroically
reasonable Roy Beck over at NumbersUSA 
all the time, and he`s actually been able to get
newspapers to stop calling him “anti-immigration.” Roy
wants NumbersUSA to be called “an immigration-reduction
organization;” I prefer the term “immigration reform.” 
I do object strongly to being called “anti-immigrant,”
but, maybe it`s because I`m an immigrant myself that I
don`t usually bother about being called
“anti-immigration.” Or maybe I`m just insensitive. Or
tired of running.

May 21, 2002