A Reader Reveals (Inadvertently) The Motive For Immigration Enthusiasm

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A Reader Announces A National Association of
Former Border Patrol Agents Forming To Fight Amnesty

From: Chell G [email]


“Is Immigration a Problem? Are the Minute Men the

Peter Brimelow wrote:

"The second part of
the solution is that the American people should be
—they should be asked what they want. Do they
want 500 million people living here in 2050?

“Because up to now,
they`ve not been asked."

Comment: Oh yes,
they have been. Randy Graf asked in AZ 8, JD Hayworth
asked in AZ 2, Rick Santorum asked it in PA…and the
answer was a resounding yes on November 7, 2006.

"This is all nearer
than you may think. You know, the last time there was a
Great Wave of immigration like this, it really took

thirty years of argument
to resolve the question.

Immigration Restriction League
was founded in 1894,
and the restrictions came in

. The best known immigration reform organization
right now, FAIR, the

Federation for American Immigration Reform,

founded in 1980.
So, I expect that we`ll have this
problem pretty well solved by about 2010."

Comment: Dream on.
At that time the white people were a majority. Blacks
did not have the right to vote…no longer the case.

"It just takes longer
that you think to solve these problems, but it does

Comment: When
whites are 95% of the voting population. So dream on,
unless you plan on implementing Jim Crow.

"And actually, we were

very close to a major solution
in the 1990s when my
book was published. At that time, the Jordan Commission,
which was headed by a black congresswoman by the name of
Barbara Jordan, had made a series of recommendations
which would have radically reduced immigration. And

President Clinton
endorsed it. The Clintons have
always been very sensitive to immigration. It took a
great deal of lobbying and lying by special interest
groups, ethnic groups and so on, to stop that bill—the

Smith-Simpson bill
, which embodied the Jordan
commission`s recommendations. "

Comment: Barbara
"brain dead"
Jordan…who wanted to keep white
oppressors in the majority…no wonder she died soon after
that. Clinton is a

. Smith and Simpson are morons who have no
understanding of the

global economy.

"We were very close to
getting significant reforms then. And I believe it will
quickly mushroom now, given a couple of good elections."

Comments: Dream
on!! If only the southern white trash vote, perhaps
(perhaps with the educated rednecks of

Tancredo`s district
in Colorado)

Peter Brimelow

Putting aside the
silly debating points, this letter is useful in that it
reveals the blind anti-white animus that underlies so
much immigration enthusiasm.