A Reader Questions Tim Wise`s Arithmetic

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12/31/10 – A Connecticut Reader Forwards A Telling Quote From A Deceased Massachusetts Politician

From: "Spirit of the Fighting
69th" (

Re: James Fulford`s article

What Are You Doing New Year`s? In France, They`re
Burning The Place Down

Tim Wise [email
], the

self hating white man
who predicted that, in 40
years or fewer, "half
the country will be black or brown
, has number
problems. In my parish young white people are having a
passel of kids: I venture to say this is true amongst
conservative Roman Catholics and Protestants as well.
Meanwhile the Libs are

aborting themselves
and encouraging, with success,

and the

to do likewise. With those numbers, the Left
has to keep importing to stay afloat.

(The weak point
in my position is the number of

stupid Republicans
who welcome their own


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Richard Lugar`s hair piece
, and

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