A Reader Notes More Ethnic Cleansing In LA

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Steve Smith [


Man, 21, Killed In
Hawthorne Stabbing,
CBS Los Angeles, September 23, 2010

another random act of violence and

targeted ethnic cleansing
. This happens so often in
LA that nobody bats an eye, and the police always call
it a "random act
of violence",
or a
"gang thing",
even if the dead guy wasn`t in a gang. The Mainstream
Media usually omits the fact that the
"random act of

victim is usually a black male
, and the race of the

The worst aspect of these
"random:” ethnic killings", which rarely get solved, is that the
political Establishment is actively protecting alien
gang bangers and welcoming criminal invasion, and that
the local citizenry tolerates it. Thus the

knife-wielding illegal alien
shot by

police in the Westlake district of LA
had a multiple
arrest and release records at both the

local and federal levels

particular killing took place in the
"burn baby burn"
district of

Maxine Waters
. (I wanted to post her
"Rodney King
footage where she urged the mob to burn the
city to the ground but couldn`t find it—thanks, YouTube,
for removing that epic footage)
[VDARE.com note:
Is the Voice of the Unheard
Wall Street Journal
April 6, 2010]
Ms. Waters is a member of the so-called

"Congressional Black Caucus"
where they pretend to address
"black issues"
but really

feather their own nests

Waters` immigration voting record in Congress is

one of the worst in the nation
, and she`s not even

She basically is pandering to people who
displace and murder her constituents—while raising their
taxes. You`d think that because her constituents were
being systematically murdered and replaced by a hostile
alien population, she`d protest. But you`d be wrong.