A Reader Is Willing To Wave Goodbye To Puerto Rico, But It`s Probably Not Going Anywhere

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12/07/10 – A Reader Wants To See An Immigration Book Entitled
Clean Your Own Damn House

From: Pete
Brittain [

Re: Matthew
Richer`s article

Newt Gingrich:
The Aspiring Americano President

Until I read Matthew Richers`s
article, I thought that old Newt was the man. How
disappointing…I will register as an independent from
now on. Gingrich is just another politician who
subscribes to the
"Three Ps"
theory: Power, Party and Personal Gain.
Another blow was reading that Republicans want Puerto
Rico to become a state. That is a mind blower. I
delivered mail to

"Spanish Harlem"

during Christmas vacation from college in the early `60s
and a lot of the residents there only knew one word of
English…"relief." Puerto Rico should be cut free and float into the
Atlantic. Having it as a state would be a welfare

Thanks for opening my eyes. I`m
still stunned.

James Fulford writes:
One of the earliest pieces I wrote here was

Wall Street (Journal) Story?
about Puerto Rican migration to the mainland. Barone

in the
Wall Street Journal
that "It is


that the flows of people across the border will in time
be in equilibrium, as the flow of people from Puerto
Rico to the mainland U.S. has been since 1961."

Problem one is that it isn`t in equilibrium, the

net migration rate

in 2010 being .91, meaning that more people leave than

Problem two is that the only
reason more people who could come to America in search
of the Yankee dollar don`t do so is that the Federal
Government ships many, many

Yankee dollars to
the Commonwealth
partly in the form of

Los Cupones
a food stamp-like

Puerto Rican

would save the US a lot of money.