A Reader Is “Sick Of White Bashing” In The MainStream Media

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09/02/10 – A Reader Asks What If The Discovery Channel Hostage Taker Had Been A White Immigration Reformer?

"Jan" [Send

Some liberal crackpot from Maine
was on the Laura
Ingraham Show
today explaining why it was all right
non-citizens to vote.
That was bad enough, but then
when asked what he thought about Arizona`s new law he
stated that all of the anti-immigrant talk was because

whites are angry
that they are losing their status
as the majority.

You`re damn right I`m mad about it.
I`m white, my kids are white, my grandkids are
white….why the hell would I want to leave them a
nation led by people who, rather than
fight for their own country,
left it? People who

define the word racist.

Please, someone out there, tell me
what non-white country`s policies would people like to


Some country in Africa?
How about

South America

? Yeah, that`s what we need…..Mexican-style

Speaking of Mexico, can you imagine
what the elites would say if 30 million white Americans

descended on Mexico
making the Mexican people the

and India fight to expel their

WHITE immigrants?
And the whole world agreed with them.

NO ONE is more welcoming and
tolerant than whites. Prove to me otherwise. When blacks
or Hispanics are in control, they discriminate.

I`m so sick of this I could scream. 

African family

more likely to have held slaves
than my American or
European ancestors. 

To all you non-white racists… I
don`t believe in white supremacy but neither do I, nor
will I ever, believe in black or Hispanic or Muslim