A Reader Is More Critical Of Mexifornia

August 12, 2003

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They`re Bullying Private Universities

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Mexifornia: The
Book and the Future
by Brenda Walker]

From:  Bob Vandervoort

It`s interesting,
Victor Davis Hanson is a smart guy, but not quite smart
enough. He is capable of observing problems, but misses
how they are connected with one another.
You can see this from

with Kathryn Jean Lopez in National Review

For example, Hanson
seems incapable of realizing that multiculturalism is
inseparable from mass immigration—particularly illegal
mass immigration. Note this quote:

"…instead of meeting
the challenge to turn illegal immigrants into

Conservatives of a

or mindset would have said something along the
lines of "instead of


illegal aliens…"

Other examples:

  • "our teachers,
    our politicians, our government officials have taken the
    easier route or allowing a separatist culture…"

Well yes, but the
point is they feed on it. Mass Third World immigration
provides the political class with more constituents,
more students needing special public education programs,
more caseworkers justifying bigger public budgets. Why
should any of them oppose it? 

  • "A general
    self-censorship about honest discussion of the

Excuse my reflexive
coughing, after seeing how the outlet he writes for

other conservatives
who do try to deal
honestly—and without self-censorship—with the problem. 

  • "A multiracial
    society works…"

Really? Where? I`d
like more than simple assertion. For someone invariably
described as a “classical scholar,” Hanson ought to give
a little more citation.

  • "So the trick is
    to return to controlled, legal immigration…"

Finally something we
can agree on. (Although it probably took a lot of
prodding from "outside" sources to get Hanson to start
thinking in this new direction).

  • "Shed the fears
    of being called

    by the free-market Right and `racist`
    by the manipulative Left…."

Gee, sounds like the
old conservative position on immigration, until the
neo-cons twisted the issue

completely around.

  • [Lopez] Q. Are
    there people today thinking and talking realistically
    about immigration?
    [Hanson] A. Hardly.

True! (But see

  • "Race is so
    baffling now. Due to intermarriage it would take the
    machinations of the Old Confederacy to attain any exact
    racial categorization — not that our ethnic-studies
    department doesn`t try.”

While Dr. Hanson may
live on the cutting edge of a world depicted in the
opening scenes of the movie Blade Runner, this
idea that the white race will suddenly just dissolve
overnight, thus eliminating all our racial problems, is
simply fatuous. For starters, despite the decline of
European descendants on the planet, there are still
around a billion of them left. Whites have

interracial marriage
rates at something like less
than 4 percent. So, at that voluntary rate, it would
still take centuries to eliminate all whites from the
planet (a racial solution that no one talks about in the
context of any other race).

And even with the
complete absence of whites in certain parts of the
world, racial friction continues: Chinese versus

Hispanics versus blacks

Fijians versus Indians
, and so on. 

  • [On Arnold
    Schwarzenegger as governor of California]: "Perhaps
    the idea he is an immigrant might have some social
    capital in our state."

How naive is this
guy? The Terminator will be viewed simply as white—not
as an "immigrant." Set up your racial dynamics from

  • “I`ve learned that
    we are such an insidious, such a complex society from
    the Williams sisters playing tennis in Paris, to the
    Left offering fellowships to America`s critics to come
    to Harvard, to George Bush`s top national advisers being
    both African American, to Real TV being damned by elites
    and watched by the masses, that we seem to drive the
    world crazy in exasperation. Good! They need to relax
    and accept that we are the world`s first and most
    successful multiracial society that is as powerful as it
    is humane.”

What has Hanson
“learned”? A few exceptions to the rules here and there?
Does that somehow disprove the rule? A certain frisson
at some of the more crass elements of American pop
culture? I thought he taught classics, not pap.

Hanson seems to be
saying, "because Y is non-white and prominent in our
culture, therefore America is a successful multiracial
society." We just have to kindly ignore the low-level
interracial violence
that goes on daily in all our
American cities.

If you just ignore
all the

rapes, assaults,

—it`s working! It`s working!

But I`m confused.
Earlier in the interview, Hanson urged the rest of
America “whatever
we are currently doing, DON`T TRY IT!”

And he mentions that

and the

Middle East
are "failed" societies – but
we`re busily importing all of them.

If California is the
first big multiracial state in the Union—and it`s the
pits—and the rest of America is quickly following
suit—then how long will America last?