A Reader In Peru Spots A Hollywood Heresy

May 31, 2004

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From:  Reader In

Don`t miss the new film

, which actually makes direct
reference to the issue of illegal immigration.  In the
film, with the climate of the Northern latitudes rapidly
going down the toilet, there`s a huge flood of American
refugees heading southward, attempting to flee a new ice
age and

re-settle in Mexico

The filmmakers handle
the situation in a way which is both politically
incorrect and quite astute.  At first the Mexican
government seals the border and refuses to let the
desperate hoards in.  After it`s bribed, with the US
promising to forgive all Latin American debt, the border
opens right up. 

I happened to see the
film tonight whilst on vacation in Lima, Peru, and there
was widespread knowing laughter in the audience at this
last part. 

No one is more acutely
and painfully aware of Latin American governments`
corruption than

Latin Americans
themselves, of course.