A Pentagon Insider Questions John McCain`s Mental Stability

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From: “Spirit of the Fighting 69th” (e-mail

Re: Henry Lenoir`s Letter:

An Ex-Fighter Pilot Confirms Bryanna`s Theory: McCain Is

With McCain`s

win in Florida
still fresh in our minds, VDARE.COM
readers should know that I agree with letter writer
Henry Lenoir about McCain`s mental stability.

Observing McCain during
Senate hearings, he`s

to witnesses,

cares little about their responses
and frequently
leaves the room before they have finished answering the
questions asked of them.

Why McCain never rose to
the rank of Admiral as did his father and grandfather is
clear to me. I have long felt that his POW experiences
left him

and that the U.S. Navy sees him as a
potential liability.

The writer is the winner of
the 2007 VDARE.COM

War on Christmas Competition.