A Florida Reader Says One of Bush`s “Willing Workers” Murdered Three College-Bound Kids In Newark, N.J.

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08/12/07 – A Wisconsin Reader
Challenges A Dense Radio Talk Show Host

From: Chris Roach: [e-mail

By now everyone`s heard of the terrible shooting in
Newark, N.J. Four good kids, all black, were on their
way to college to pursue success in a city where there
is so much failure.

They were gunned down execution-style by a

murderous illegal alien
for no reason… [Suspect
Pleads Not Guilty in New Jersey Killings
, August 10, 2007]

The media`s initial silence about the perpetrators`
backgrounds made me assume they were black. But an even
more sacred shibboleth, that of our supposedly benign
immigrant underclass, was at stake.

Several days passed before the public found out the

According to CNN,
quoting Essex County Sheriff
Armando Fontoura:

"Jose Carranza
appears to be an undocumented immigrant

from Peru
who has been using a bogus Social Security number
. ”

Carranza has a lengthy criminal record that includes
charges of raping a five year-old-girl.

Judging by reactions to things like the

Rodney King
verdict, I can see increasing
black-Hispanic tension in Newark and elsewhere, to
everyone`s disadvantage.

This has

already happened in LA
, where a similarly senseless
crime was reported a few months ago of a young black
girl murdered just for being black.


Mexican gangs
had deliberately undertaken a campaign
of ethnic cleansing against blacks. There is a great
deal of tension and animosity now between the
communities (and their gangs).

At a less bellicose level, blacks and Hispanics are

to some extent in a war for political control
of the
once great American city.

There is little solidarity among blacks and
Hispanics, not least because Hispanics are ascendant.
They are depressing

black wages
, and their massive numbers are
diminishing the political power of blacks—once an
essential part of the Democratic Party`s coalition.

Let`s consider reality.  One thing you notice with
immigrants of all kinds, but particularly working class
immigrants, is a much more frank and often negative view
of other races and ethnicities. There`s

mistrust and animosity
among immigrants.

While white Americans often still have an
individualistic and meritocratic outlook—one might even
say a naive disregard for group solidarity—others play
by a different set of rules.

Some new immigrants are still living on the

level: groups stick together against other
groups. The middle class, law-abiding,
minding-their-own-business suburbanite whites ignore
this world at their peril.  Like non-native

, this different, more aggressive strain of
living and thinking quickly crowds out and overpowers
the native species.

This world—distrusting, violent, mutually suspicious,
tribal, and primitive—is what the diversifiers have
wrought with their open border policies and its

multiculturalist propaganda.

In addition to importing their alien values and
therefore altering (or destroying) our own way of life,
illegal immigration presents practical and immediate
dire consequences. 

Poor and rootless illegal immigrants commit crime at
a high rate, perhaps

three times or more the rate of native born Americans.

With millions new illegals coming in, there is a
guaranteed higher toll in lost lives, rapes, drunk
driving incidents, etc. This is the price we
pay for the supposed boon of not having to

mow our own lawns

wash our cars
because of the surplus of low skill
labor. It hardly seems like an even trade.

I`m sure our lax immigration policies especially
didn`t seem like a good trade to these four good kids in
Newark who`ve seen their neighborhoods transformed into

Tower of Babel
where good paying jobs are harder and
harder to find, distrust and despair dominate.

Young lives were ended by one of George Bush`s
storied “willing workers“.

Roach is a lawyer and

. Read his
earlier letter to VDARE.COM