A “European American” Writes to Peter Brimelow; He Responds

March 05, 2003

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Resisting Defamation`s
Stanley Womack:


Without any intent to quarrel or to attack you, I do
want to discuss your following comment with you (from

about the FrontPage.com

on White Nationalism):

I`ve always resisted the argument…that American
whites should accept that they are just another interest
group and organize explicitly. I think they`re
Americans, dammit. Nations are ethno-cultural entities;
neither exclusively ethnic nor exclusively cultural.

In many ways, it doesn`t matter what we adults think,
it is the children who suffer intensely in schools, on
playgrounds, aboard school buses, and on the sidewalk
when they are challenged about their race & cultures.

In the olden days, 50 years ago, we were taught we
were all Americans. Now we are taught we are members of
races (multi-racialism), members of cultures
(multiculturalism), and members of ethnic groups (multi-ethnicism).

When little European-American children go to school
or to play, they are taught the most horrendous things
about their parents, ancestors, histories, cultures,
homelands, and diversities. It is the children –
including college students – who have no "ideological"
basis for self-defense.

By keeping to the "we`re just Americans" position,
you are not providing literature, ideas, and
firm-footedness to our offspring in their daily wars –
and they are embroiled in daily wars. Your position
renders them without weapons. Thus, their fallback
position: they`re "really" Indians, Latinos, wiggers, or

If you examine our syllabus, you will note that
underlying it is a collection of ideas that we loosely
call the European American Movement. It isn`t based on
multi-racialism or multi-ethnicism, it is based squarely
on multiculturalism. And until we can get to that "ism,"
we`re not going to get much of any place.

Very clever people have unrolled

new dogmas from the old Bolsheviki bag of tricks

(literally), and have developed contagious arguments
that square with the spirit of the times, so much so
that we need to put those same dogmas to work for our
young people.

In fact, the syllabus on our

is totally devoted to providing a network of
ideas (an "ideology" if you like) that will help our
young people understand who they are. They badly need
concepts to defend themselves in our contemporary
society, and the old one of "we`re just Americans"
doesn`t do it anymore. We do NOT live in a unitary
country in which the culture is more or less coterminous
with the nation any longer. Those of us who write and
think have to develop ideas that can shore up the
shifting sands under our children`s feet. It`s about
intellectual and verbal weapons.

You don`t have to subscribe to the most colorful
visions of white nationalists — there is a huge range
of positions that can be taken between "we`re just
Americans" and the most extreme whiteness positions.
There is a range of ideas, techniques, and views that
will give our young people something to cling to.

In addition, it isn`t an all or nothing proposition.
We view cultural identities as cascading qualities. That
is, we argue for levels of identities: first American,
second multicultural (European American), and third
ethnic, national origin, or other labels. (Our new
favorite for "other labels" is Atlantic
Islander-American. That one sends people into a frenzy.)

You have many more than two choices, and you have no
obligation to abandon them all for a single one…good
old situational ethics comes to our assistance here by
dictating that our claimed identity can easily depend on
the context…it certainly works for others.

You don`t really have to choose, you can have a lot
of identities and work them when needed. But (risking
comparison with Hillary) we must put the school and
college kids first.

Peter Brimelow writes
One of the few rational justifications for writing
books is that you get to quote yourself.

Alien Nation
, I concluded:

“Deep into the twenty-first
century, throughout the lifetime of my little son
[the notoriously


Alexander], American patriots will be fighting to
salvage as much as possible from the shipwreck of their
great republic. But the struggle must be contrasted
sadly with the task of completing the “Great Society”
upon which Americans were encouraged to think they were
embarking in 1965
[when the Immigration Act
opened the floodgates].”

Stanley Womack is one
of those American patriots. I do worry, though, that in
retreating into an ethnic interest group, the Americans
who created the republic are conceding the ideal – that
Americans should be made in their image, morally and
culturally if not genetically.