A CO Reader Says Alien Criminals Should Serve Their Hard Time In Mexico

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03/02/10 – A Kansas Reader
Explains Why An Immigration Moratorium Is Urgently

Tika Cook (e-mail

Re: Brenda Walker`s Blog:
Crosswalk Killer Sentenced In Colorado

Grandmother killer Alberto Alvarado-Barojas
is typical of many of the drunken driving illegal alien
cases Walker has

written about before
: the perpetrators are
previously convicted of the same crime, some
once-deported and all non-English speaking.

Why should American taxpayers have to
subsidize their

relatively comfortable lives
in the U.S penal
system, with its flat screen televisions and exercise

In a more perfect world, these
remorseless illegal aliens would be sent back to Mexico
to serve time in the local prisons—which are,

by all accounts
, the dankest, most dangerous in the