A CA Teacher Says His State`s Leadership Has Been A “Chain Of Cowards”

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Turley: (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker`s Blog:

Immigrants In California Get Free Interpreters To
Explain Their Free Medical Care To Them—At Your Expense

Unfortunately, my wish has been granted!

Last year

I wrote
to VDARE.COM to express my desire that

fall into the Pacific Ocean
and take with it all the disgusting politicians who have
ruined what was once a beautiful state and the best
place in

to live.

Well, it`s happened—figuratively, at least.

Despite a $42 billion budget deficit, the state must
translate for, according to the Sacramento Bee,
as many as 7 million non-English speakers.
the law: California patients can have an interpreter at
their side
by Bobby Caina Calvan,
Sacramento Bee, January 4, 2009]

But I mustn`t blame the

. Why shouldn`t they take advantage of all
the free rides offered to them?

I point the finger at California

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
, and before him

Gray Davis
, and before


Pete Wilson
, and before


George Deukmejian
, and before Deukmejian,

Jerry Brown
and finally before Brown,

Ronald Reagan


chain of cowards
— none of whom stood up against the
alien invasion—takes us back to 1967, just about the
time the consequences of the

1965 Immigration Act
became obvious.

Turley works for a large

school district. His other previous correspondence about
Los Angeles,
Somalis as the "perfect" meat plant employees, California`s immigration
lunacy and force fed diversity is