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"Vote like Americans!" That's what Steve Sailer thinks would work with Hispanics, and he has data to prove it. Also: Peter Brimelow reflects on the Joe Sobran saga.
Featured Article

Thinking About Joe Sobran, by Peter Brimelow

Somalis unsuited to US Elections - and Norm Coleman unsuited to RNC Chair, by Patrick Cleburne

It's Amazing How Accusations Of Racism Surface After A Crime Is Discovered..., by James Fulford

Henry Louis Gates on Malcolm Gladwell's family tree, by Steve Sailer

Two kinds of Italians, by Steve Sailer

Dumber And Shallower Reasons To Get Offended, by James Fulford

Could Leading Reconquista Congressman get Axe?, by Patrick Cleburne

Germany: Merkel Ally Recommends Ending Muslim Immigration, by Brenda Walker

My Favorite Theory Of Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays, by Steve Sailer

California Carly Ramps Up Hispandering, by Brenda Walker

Shakespeare, by Steve Sailer

Sieg Heil! To Christopher Badeaux' Book Burning, by Peter Brimelow

Classic blog from Hoosier Nation, by Patrick Cleburne

Faisal Shahzad (Immigrant Times Square Bomber)Threatens Further Jihad at Sentencing, by Brenda Walker

No Kidding, Sherlock: Mexico's Racial Stratification Reported As News By UPI, by James Fulford

Who's Messing Up The Mall?, by James Fulford

Illegal Alien Che Fanboy "Scrambles" for Cash While Attending UC Berkeley, by Brenda Walker

Absconders from Deportation Orders surge on Obama's Watch, by Patrick Cleburne

Deportation Figures: VDARE.com Didn't Wait For The Press Release, by James Fulford

France: Burqa Ban Set to Take Effect, by Brenda Walker

Ann Coulter On Sobran, by James Fulford

Rep. Jane Harman Hits Sour Notes From JBL Layoffs and Outsourcing to China, by Rob Sanchez

Why I like Mark Zuckerberg, by Steve Sailer

Miss Kentucky Latina Arrested For Assault--Claims Profiling, by James Fulford

Kin Selection, by Steve Sailer

Jan Brewer Vs. The Foreign Invaders, by James Fulford
Who killed California? The Neocons (3)...and America too?, by Patrick Cleburne

Rob Sanchez on Chuck Wilder's Talkback, Wed, Oct 6th at 1:00 p.m. PST, by Rob Sanchez

Poll shows: Hispanic Voters don't care about immigration., by Patrick Cleburne

Hispanic Electoral Tsunami Delayed Once Again by Apathy--Hispanics Won't Bother To Show And Vote, Even For Amnesty, by Steve Sailer

Text and Violence, by Steve Sailer

Village Voice on Insane Whites, by Anonymous Attorney

"Racial Segregation and the American Foreclosure Crisis", by Steve Sailer

Does Text Communication Cut Down On Crime?, by Steve Sailer

"The Social Network", by Steve Sailer

The Sailer Effect, by Steve Sailer
10/11/10 - A Reader Thinks Ann Coulter Is No Better Than She Ought To Be

10/10/10 - A Reader Can't Get VDARE.COM (Or FAIR!) At The Local Hospital

10/09/10 - An Illinois Reader Adds A Question Mark To The "A?CLU"

10/08/10 - A Reader Provides A Rhetorical Answer To A Rhetorical Question About Joe Sobran

10/07/10 - A Reader Wonders If The Village Voice Is Going Insane

10/06/10 - A Reader Who Survived A Hit-And-Run Accident Provides An Update On Her Close Encounter With An Alien.
Syndicated Columnists

The Green War On Children, by Michelle Malkin Is The Day Of Great Leaders Past?, by Chuck Baldwin September Jobs Report Reveals America's Emerging Third World Economy, by Paul Craig Roberts Food Stamp Nation, by Patrick J. Buchanan Janet The Deporter-(Includes Steve Sailer's Latino Turnout Analysis!), by Patrick J. Buchanan

Diversity Is Strength! It's Also...A Lot Of Problems For Democrats (Richly Deserved)

THIS SUNDAY:  What GOP Should Say To Hispanics: Vote Like Americans!, by Steve Sailer



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