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Yeah, we've got stuff on Palin and Mccain, but on Labor Day VDARE.COM is also interested in the scandal revealed by the Howard Industries/ illegal alien raid. Nb. Howard is a McCain donor.

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The Fulford File: Labor Day In Mississippi-Job Openings For Americans After Raids, by James Fulford
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 Today's Letters Saturday Forum: A California Reader Says Support For Jamiel's Law Is Growing

Saturday Forum: A California Reader Says Immigration Will Makes It Impossible To Drill Our Way Out Of The Oil Crisis

Saturday Forum: An African-American Reader Says That The Exception Does Not Make The Rule Regarding Irish Voters For John F. Kennedy

Saturday Forum: A South Dakota Reader Shares A Labor Day Joke About Outsourcing And The Transportation Industry

A California Reader Says Force-Fed Diversity Is Like Chocolate Ice Cream---Too Much, Too Fast Is Bad For You

An Oregon Reader Says ICE Is Arresting The Wrong People

A New York Reader Notes That Hardworking Mississippians Are "Not Yet Swayed" By Pro-Immigration Hogwash

A Texas Reader Says Chinese Superstitions Are Found In The Lone Star State

A New York Reader Says Not All Irish Supported John F. Kennedy

A Reader In Alaska Says The Mainstream Media Has "A New One"

Saturday Forum: A Former Consular Officer Says Anything Goes For Legal Immigrants With Diseases; etc.

Saturday Forum: A Washington State Reader Says Successful Indians Are Overly Self-Congratulatory

Saturday Forum: A Marine In Maryland Agrees That Women In The Military Are Treated Preferentially

Saturday Forum: But A Reader In Saudi Arabia Says Women Have A Long Tradition Of Serving Bravely

An Ohio Reader Says An All-American Line Up In Major League Baseball Is Not Hard

A New Jersey Reader Says Russia Isn't The Problem-Mexico Is!

A Canadian Reader Wonders Why Joe Guzzardi Considers All G.O.P. Candidates To Be "Sad-Sack"-What About Ron Paul?

An AZ Reader Says Other Side Constantly Coming Up With New Inanities

A Reader Writes About College As A Four Year Social Event

A California Educator Says Forget Algebra-No One Can Do Long Division!

Saturday Forum: A Kansas Reader Says Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen Is "Truly Bad" On The National Question; etc.

Saturday Forum: A Female Marine From Texas Says "Don't Ignore Us, Don't Deny Us"

Saturday Forum: A California Reader Defends Peter Brimelow and Joe Guzzardi Against Racist Rants

Who Started Cold War II?, by Patrick J Buchanan
  And If Obama Loses?, by Patrick J Buchanan
And None Dare Call It Treason-McCain Advisor's Georgia Connection, by Patrick J Buchanan
Pushing Russia Into the Cold,by Patrick J Buchanan
Barack "The Silencer" Obama's Gangland Assault on Free Speech, by Michelle Malkin
What I Saw at the Discombobulation, by Michelle Malkin
Are You Ready For Nuclear War?, by Paul Craig Roberts
Abu Ghraib-i-fying America's schools, by Michelle Malkin
Democratic Platform's Hidden Soros Slush Fund, by Michelle Malkin
View From Lodi, CA Pittsburgh, PA: Joe Has Retired From Education But Will He Return To The Salt Mines?, by Joe Guzzardi
View From Lodi, CA Pittsburgh, PA: More Lobbyists Means Less Democracy, by Joe Guzzardi
War With Russia Is On The Agenda, by Paul Craig Roberts



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