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When Peter Gadiel's father arrived in the U.S. as a refugee from Nazi Germany, he was pleased that the feds were suspicious of him. Then the feds stopped being suspicious  and Peter's son was killed on 9/11. Plus: that educational achievement gap. And: American worker displacement resumes.

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Oh, The Letters We Get..., by Joe Guzzardi

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1380, 843, And The Historical Illiteracy Of Immigration Enthusiasts, by Peter Brimelow

  National Data: Slowdown Ending? American Displacement Up, by Edwin S. Rubenstein

The Cognitive Age In The New York Times, by Steve Sailer

The Painted Word, by Steve Sailer

Canadian Refugee Board Gives MS-13 Member Asylum BECAUSE He's A Gang Member, by Marcus Epstein

Water Shortage or Population Longage?* California Drying Up, by Brenda Walker

DHS Invites Comments On The Latest H-1b Expansion, by Randall Burns

Reverend Wright And Mainstream Black Academic Thought, by James Fulford

Los Angeles Crosses Four Million Mark, by Steve Sailer

Happy Law Day!, by Brenda Walker

Contra Chris Christie: Mulshine Blog Added to VDARE.COM Blogroll, by Peter Brimelow

Jeremiah Wright And James Cone, by James Fulford

Deconstructing Islamophobia--Who Is That Masked Woman?, by James Fulford

Why The DC Elite Thinks Immigration Is Swell, by Steve Sailer

"Working Off Their Student Visas", by Rob Sanchez

Jeremiah Wright, Black Internationalist, by Steve Sailer

Placid Conservative Discussion at UC Berkeley, by Brenda Walker

"Rightist" Mayor Elected In Rome, by James Fulford

Irish President Speaks To Congress, Asks For Legalization, by James Fulford

Un PC Results From The Houston Area Survey, by Patrick Cleburne

One Thing I Like About Obama ..., by Steve Sailer

Obama: "That's In My DNA, Trying To Promote Mutual Understanding.", by Steve Sailer

Credibility and H-1B, by Randall Burns

Joe Guzzardi Interviewed 6-10 PM PST, by James Fulford

Why Hasn't Obama Dealt With Rev. Wright?, by Steve Sailer

Reverend Wright On Black-White Cognitive Differences, by Steve Sailer

Bed Bugs Are Back! (Wonder Why?), by Peter Brimelow

Reverend Wright Has A Book Coming Out Later This Year!, by Steve Sailer

I Told You So--Wright Doesn't Care How Much Damage He Does To Obama, by Steve Sailer

Language And IQ: Wright Or Wrong?, by James Fulford

Hispanic Illinois Lawmaker vs. American Patriots, by Dave Gorak

Videos Of Peter Brimelow And Ed Rubenstein, by James Fulford

Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID Law, by James Fulford

CIS Report on H1-Bs--They're Not "The Best And Brightest", by James Fulford

Los Angeles--America's Most Hated City, by Steve Sailer

This Is America. Vote (And Order Cheesesteaks) In English!, by Paul Nachman

VDARE.COM's Chuck Baldwin Wins Constitution Party Presidential Nod, by Peter Brimelow

You Can't Keep A Good Publicity Hound Down, by Steve Sailer

Indian Racism, by Steve Sailer

Is Mexico Awakening ? , by Allan Wall

Annoying Irish Illegals Won't Go Away, by Brenda Walker

McCain as Paris Hilton, Obama as Daniel Day-Lewis, by Steve Sailer


 TODAY'S LETTERS An Irish-Texan Reader Says Illegal Irish Should Blame Ted Kennedy

A Massachusetts Reader Notes That Hundreds Of Americans Stood In Line At Cape Cod's Job Fair

A Texas Reader Says "Pro-Amnesty Thugs" Are Celebrating Cinco de Mayo on May 1st To Maximize The Crowds

A Legal Immigrant Reader In Texas Says May Day Marches Would "Never Happen" In His Home Country

A CA Reader Notes Illegal Alien May 1st Boycott-Says She'll Be Spending Her IRS Rebate!

A NM Reader Notes That Joe Guzzardi Predicted Senator Domenici's Slide Long Before Anyone In The MSM; Joe Replies

Saturday Forum: A Georgia Landscaper Has Lost "Half His Customers" To Illegal Alien Workers; etc.

Saturday Forum: A Retired Advisor To America's Ambassador To The Vatican Thanks VDARE. COM For "Setting The Record Straight"

Saturday Forum: A Roman Catholic Reader Explains The Different Immigration Views Held By Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI

Saturday Forum: A Legal Immigrant In California Says Illegal Aliens Are "Strident" And "Mock Our Military"

Saturday Forum: A California Asian-American Reader Says Jared Taylor Needs A Broader View

The Iraq War Morphs Into The Iranian War, by Paul Craig Roberts

   Will the Right Sit McCain Race Out?, by Patrick J Buchanan

Obama's Un-Disownable Preacher of Hate, by Michelle Malkin

View From Lodi CA: Senior High School Writing Project-An Important Step In Learning, by Joe Guzzardi
SAILER ON SUNDAY: Steve is in an educational mood still SAILER ON LAST SUNDAY:
Some Things Don't Change-The Educational Achievement Gap After 25 (or 36!) Years


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