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Was Romney an amateur and will the Immigration issue rise again in 2008? Peter Brimelow says yes. Has McCain got the right stuff to beat Obama. Steve Sailer says no.

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Clinton And Villaraigosa: The Downside Of Hispandering, by Joe Guzzardi


In The Blog

Was Romney "An Amateur"? Will The Immigration Issue Rise Again In 2008?, by Peter Brimelow

  Ann Coulter On Hillary Vs. McCain, by James Fulford

  "Danish" Youths Riot, According To Reuters, by James Fulford

  Mexico Lechery-Free Transportation Update, by Brenda Walker

  "Value Voters", by Steve Sailer

  Stuff whiterpeople like, by Steve Sailer

  Can We All Get Our Own Nations? Considering the Akaka Bill, by Anonymous Attorney

  What's The Deal With McCain's Face?, by Steve Sailer

  stuffwhitepeoplelike.com, by Steve Sailer

  Vicente Fox, Giving The Speeches That American Ex-Presidents Won't Give, by James Fulford

  Employer Sanctions in Utah, by Randall Burns

  Calderon Concludes U.S. Tour, Back in Mexico , by Allan Wall

  Law Firm Now Answering Only in Spanish, by Anonymous Attorney

  Adrienne Shelly's Killer Gets 25 Years, by Brenda Walker

  Can Any Medical Professionals Shed Light On This?, by Paul Nachman

  Saudis Cracking Down on Witchcraft, by Brenda Walker

  Shootings In Dekalb, Illinois--This Time Gunman's Race Mentioned, by James Fulford

  Hazleton Forced To Surrender Names Of Donors, by James Fulford

  Asked "What Have You Changed Your Mind About," Professor Says He's Changed His Mind On "Races Do Not Exist", by James Fulford

  Nobody Knows Nothin', by Steve Sailer

  Allan Wall on KSFO Radio , by Allan Wall

  The Dreadful Plight of Mexicans Forced to Live in... Mexico, by Brenda Walker

  Securing Mexico's Southern Border--With American Tax Dollars, by James Fulford

  New Australian PM Offers Apology To Aborigines (But No Money), by Steve Sailer

  How Good Was Obama At Running The Harvard Law Review?, by Steve Sailer

  You Tube Unveils A New Presidential Contest: "Win Your Weight In Immigrants", by Joe Guzzardi

  "Barack Obama is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.", by Steve Sailer

  Assimilation? Hah!Even If They Want To Assimilate, They Can't, by Paul Nachman

  Obama's Mom, by Steve Sailer

  Chinese Loyalist Shows the Love, by Brenda Walker

  You Too Can Be A Minority!, by James Fulford

  Obama And The Cuban Flag, by James Fulford

  Unfortunate Sons, by Steve Sailer

  Assimilation, Turkish Style, by Brenda Walker

  Not Going To Convince Anyone Department: Bush Says McCain Is A Conservative, by James Fulford

  A Mexican Crime Icon Is Recognized, by Brenda

  Peter Brimelow Debating Education On February 12 At OSU, Columbus, Ohio, by James Fulford

  War On Chinese New Year, by James Fulford

  Nicholas Stix On The Kirkwood Massacre, by James Fulford

  McCain Massacred In Kansas - Paul Preoccupied With Texas, by Peter Brimelow

  Why Conservatives Are Their Own Worst Enemy, by Joe Guzzardi

  How Immigration Affected The Huckabee Vote Share--The Numbers, by An Economist

  More On Kirkwood--Shooter, Race Unmentioned, Called "An Ardent Supporter Of The Rights Of Residents ", by James Fulford

  La Times Touts Economic Assimilation Only, by Brenda Walker

  Mickey Kaus: Obama An "Unreconstructed Lefty?", by Steve Sailer
Saturday Forum: A Marine In Texas Says Our Children Are Being Sacrificed To The "False Gods" of Diversity and Multiculturalism; etc.

Saturday Forum: A White Reader Disagrees With A Black Reader About Whether Americans Will Vote For An African-American

Saturday Forum: A Former California Law Enforcement Officer Reports On A Foreign Bride Site

Saturday Forum: A Vietnam Veteran and U.S. Marine Says John McCain Is "Not Qualified" To Be Commander-in-Chief

A Reader in England Is Dismayed By Double Standards In U.S. Presidential Race

An Alabama Reader Says John McCain A Security Threat

A California Lawyer Predicts That Hispanic Voters Will Be Senator Barack Obama's Nemesis

A Californian Traveling In The UAE Wants To Read VDARE.COM But Can't

A CA Reader Says Europeans Consider Immigration Their "Biggest Problem"-Except At The Anne Frank House

A Texas Reader Says Dallas Real Estate Booming-Thanks To George Bush And Cronies

Saturday Forum: Joe Guzzardi on Readers' Reaction to Keep The Faith-McCain (And Amnesty) Will Fail, etc.

Saturday Forum: A Washington State Reader Predicts A "Best Case/Worst Case Scenario" Involving John McCain

Saturday Forum: A California Conservative Makes Her Case For John McCain

Saturday Forum: An Ohio Lawyer Says Blocking McCain Is The Only Hope For The Republican Party

Saturday Forum: An Idaho Ph.D. Looks For Tangible Evidence That The U.S. Is Serious About The Immigration Crisis

Saturday Forum: A Life-Long California Republican Refuses To Vote For John McCain

Saturday Forum: An Ohio English Professor Says It May Be Best If An Open Borders Democrat Wins In November

Saturday Forum: An Indiana Reader Thinks Hillary Clinton Is The Best Bet To Stall Amnesty

A Two-Party Death Grip, by Chuck Baldwin

  What's With All These Clueless Christians?, by Chuck Baldwin

The Jena Six-and Other "Hoax Crimes", by Patrick J. Buchanan

Huck's Hour of Power, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Conservative Talk Radio Attacked By Pro-McCain/Pro-Immigration Right, by Michelle Malkin

Bush Calls on France for Help, by Paul Craig Roberts
Will McCain Go to the Mat with Obama?, by Steve Sailer
 SAILER ON (LAST BUT ONE) SUNDAY: Race, Real Estate, And Immigration On Chicago's South Side, by Steve Sailer


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