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Super Bowl and Super Tuesday! Joe Guzzardi has a theory of patriotic assimilation; Alan Wall has questions about Mormons and immigration; John Derbyshire has thoughts about the Libertarian Establishment's prissiness about Paul. PLUS ECONOMICS EXTRA! Peter Brimelow's definitive account of the competing currencies concept. etc etc.

Featured Articles
  1. Joe's Immigrant Assimilation Acid Test: The Super Bowl, by Joe Guzzardi

  2. Memo From Mexico: Mitt Romney And The Mormon Question, by Allan Wall

  3. Paradoxically, Ron Paul's Success Proving Irrelevance of (Establishment) Libertarianism, by John Derbyshire

  4. Will Republicans, (El Partido Estupido) Become El Partido Republicano?, by Marcus Epstein

  5. Latest Treason Lobby Scam: "Undocumented" = "Unbanked", by Brenda Walker

  6. Apes Or Angels? Creationism And Race Denial, by Steve Sailer

  7. War And The Imperfect Nature Of Man, by Marcus Epstein

  8. A Day In The Life Of VDARE.COM's Letters Editor, by Joe Guzzardi

  9. View From Lodi, CA: Celebrate The Cowboy West-Before It's Gone For Good By Joe Guzzardi

  10. View From Lodi, CA: Who Speaks For Tatiana The Tiger?, by Joe Guzzardi

  11. Golden Oldie: Peter Brimelow's Absolutely Definitive Account Of This Weird Competing Currencies Idea Ron Paul Keeps Talking About, by Peter Brimelow

In The Blog
Jesse Jackson Defending Southern White MLB Umpires? What's In It For Him, by Marcus Epstein

Hispanic Job Losses In January Due To Percentage Of Illegals Not Able To Work--Enforcement Works! , by Edwin S. Rubenstein

The Media's Infatuation With "Momentum", by Steve Sailer

Too Handsome To Be President--Should Romney Have Died His Hair Gray?, by Steve Sailer

Bad Sign For GOP: Clinton Outflanks McCain On Immigration, by Mike Scruggs

Raza Race Hucksters Raise a Stink, by Brenda Walker

Tiger Woods And Barack Obama, by Steve Sailer

Voter Awareness, by Steve Sailer

Why Is McCain Perceived As The Anti-Bush?, by Steve Sailer

Giuliani Endorses McCain! I Suppose The Arizona Man Is Picking Up Friends!, by Bryanna Bevens

Gov. Schwarzenegger To Endorse Mc Cain Tomorrow! Umm, Is That Supposed To Be A Good Thing?, by Bryanna Bevens

Religious Left Alert--New Baptist Covenant With Immigration Enthusiasts, by James Fulford

San Diego Gang-Rape Case Coverage Colorless--Except When "Racism" Is In Question., by James Fulford

Election Commentary, by Steve Sailer

Predicting The McCain Spin, Win Or Lose, by Marcus Epstein

Memo to McCain: Don't Count Your Pollos Before They Hatch!, by Joe Guzzardi

Goodnight, my someone, by Patrick Cleburne

Joe Guzzardi's Latest Immigration PodCast: How The Democrats Boxed Themselves In On Immigration and Why McCain Will Not Be The Guy, by James Fulford

Bush's State Of The Union Address Blames Congress For Not Passing Amnesty, Ignores Legal Immigraion, by James Fulford

Ron Paul And Reason , by James Fulford

A New Civil Right Discovered!, by Paul Nachman

San Francisco Bay Sucks Up Chinese Oil, by Brenda Walker

The New Elvira--Will DHS Stop Playing This Game, by James Fulford

SC Dem Primary: Tribalism = Webb More Than Ever?, by Peter Brimelow

Trashing The Border, Again, by James Fulford

Kevin MacDonald on NeoConservatism: Bad News and Good News, by Patrick Cleburne

Villaraigosa On Skid Row, by James Fulford

El Paso Invites Mexico Crime across the Border, by Brenda Walker

Joe Guzzardi Thanks Readers For Kind Words On His Illness, by Joe Guzzardi

Will Pounds and Ounces Survive in Britain ?, by Allan Wall

Joe Guzzardi Is Unwell, by James Fulford

Superbowl Quarterback IQs:136 And 124, by Steve Sailer

Brimelow's Definitive Account Of Paul's Weird Competing Currency Idea, by Peter Brimelow

Mexican Men Are Fenced Out... and Mexican Women Are Thrilled, by Brenda Walker

Working With A Hispanic Person--Cheaper Than Working With An American Person, by James Fulford

FAQ: What Do I Do If A Link Wants Me To Register To Read It?, by James Fulford

Is this A Free Country Or What?, by Peter Brimelow

GOP Debate--Hardly Any Mention Of Immigration, by James Fulford

Jeff Sessions' Immigration Quiz, by Marcus Epstein

Army Getting Lower IQ Recruits, by Steve Sailer

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It Department: Christopher Hitchens, The Ron Paul Letter, And Dr. King, by James Fulford

Ezra Levant Fights Back in Canada , by Allan Wall

 TODAY'S LETTERS An MD Reader Wonders Why Paul Craig Roberts Loves To Bash Republicans

  A New Jersey Reader Says If McCain Has Any Hope Of Winning Republican Votes, He Must Fire Juan Hernandez

A Pentagon Insider Questions John McCain's Mental Stability

A Texas Lawyer Reports That He Is Happily Married To A Russian Fiancée Visa Bride

An Ohio Reader Predicts That California Will Soon Qualify For Foreign Aid

A Mexican Living In Canada Demands That Readers Take A Good Look At VDARE.COM

A Mexican-American Thinks Allan Wall Is Too Soft On Mexico

A New York Reader Says Gov. Spitzer Isn't Going Anywhere Soon Enough

Tapped Out Nation, by Patrick J. Buchanan

  Obama's Hollow Victory, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Why Are Ron Paul's Supporters So Angry?, by Chuck Baldwin

What The Man Behind The Curtain Wants For America, by Chuck Baldwin

The Politics of Foreclosure, by Michelle Malkin

Which Is Worse: Regulation Or De-Regulation?, by Paul Craig Roberts

American Liberty Teetering on Edge of Abyss, by Paul Craig Roberts

Padilla Trial Highlights Bush Administration's Manipulation Of Justice, by Paul Craig Roberts

The Dollar's Reserve Currency Role Is Drawing To An End, by Paul Craig Roberts
Apes Or Angels? Creationism And Race Denial, by Steve Sailer

SAILER ON LAST SUNDAY: MainStream Media Won't Ask Obama Those Nasty Paul-Type Questions. But Shelby Steele Could!



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