07/22/14 To End Unaccompanied Minor Scandal, Deport Illegal (And Irresponsible) Parents! etc.

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Easy Solution To Unaccompanied Minor Scandal–Deport Illegal (And Irresponsible) Parents! Plus: No New Laws Needed, Reagan etc. Did Fine In Earlier Crises. And: Rick Perry Still Useless On Immigration. Etc. etc!


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  4. Rick Perry—Still All Hat, No Cattle On America’s Immigration Disaster by Washington Watcher

  5. This Is Not The First Border Crisis. No New Laws Needed—Reagan Administration Did Fine in 1988 by Federale

  6. US Becoming The Brazil of North America—When Did We Vote For That? by Patrick J. Buchanan

  7. Mrs. Obama’s Operation VA Scandal Distraction by Michelle Malkin

  8. Poster Boy DREAMer Vargas Perfectly Suit Pope Francis’s Immigration Demands by Donald A. Collins

  9. Ann Coulter: Happy 30th Birthday, Central American Humanitarian Crisis by Ann Coulter

  10. Memo From Middle America: Central Americans Continue To Invade—Because Our Rulers (Including Congressional GOP) Let Them by Allan Wall

  11. Jose Antonio Vargas: The Face of the Entitled Illegal Alien by Michelle Malkin

  12. Obama’s War On Immigration Enforcement: The Case Of James F. Tomscheck by Federale

  13. Immigration Is Destroying America by Patrick J. Buchanan


  1. Primary Over, Senator Cornyn Prepares To Destroy Texas by James Kirkpatrick

  2. Pew: “How Americans Feel About Religious Groups” by Steve Sailer

  3. Silicon Valley: Blacks & Mexicans, Meh; LGBTQ, You Go, Girl! by Steve Sailer

  4. Hot New Apps Make Real Estate Racial Profiling Even Easier by Steve Sailer

  5. The Used Car Subprime Loan Bubble: What Could Go Wrong? by Steve Sailer

  6. Allan Wall on Chuck Wilder’s Talkback, Monday, July 21st at 3 P.M. Central Time by Allan Wall

  7. ICE SVU, Ignoring Child Smuggling, But Busting Land Rovers by Federale

  8. Of course Obama Regime Knew–It’s Their Policy In Action by James Kirkpatrick

  9. Chris Christie “Open” to Settling Invaders in NJ by James Kirkpatrick

  10. Senator Sessions Blasts Billionaires for Immigration Lobbying to Displace American Workers by Brenda Walker

  11. Erratum: The International Math Olympiad by John Derbyshire

  12. Sarah Palin Asks Why Government Doesn’t Dump Illegal Aliens in Affluent, Pro-Amnesty Communities by Allan Wall

  13. Casting Call for “Straight Outta Compton” by Steve Sailer

  14. Radio Derb Is On The Air: The Noble Bulgars And Their New Immigration-Proof Fence Etc. by John Derbyshire

  15. SLATE’s Sally Kohn And The Canadian Border by James Fulford

  16. Johnny Winter, RIP by Steve Sailer

  17. It Was Racist to Elect Obama President Because Science by Steve Sailer

  18. Blogger Fired by Scientific American After Being Only Mildly Critical of Richard Feynman by Steve Sailer

  19. Scientific American Fires Blogger Who Gave “Troublesome Inheritance” Good Review by Steve Sailer

  20. Former Utah AG, Treason Lobby Asset Shurtleff Indicted For Corruption: Is There A Link? by Patrick Cleburne

  21. Massive Grassroots Protests By Americans Against Obama’s Dumping Of Illegals In Their Communities–You Can Participate! by James Fulford

  22. RINO Cornyn Proposes Legislating The Obama Regime Immigration Court Amnesty by Federale

  23. Howard Stern Doesn’t Back Opie & Anthony” Host, Cumia to Defy PC Police Anyway by Alexander Hart

  24. What Would be the Next Big Source of Illegal Immigration After Central America? by Steve Sailer

  25. The Five Billion Plus by Steve Sailer

  26. Stockton: Norteno Gangsters Rob Bank and Kill Hostage by Brenda Walker

  27. Pope Says U.S. Should Welcome Refugees… But Doesn’t Mention Vatican City Still Closed by James Kirkpatrick

  28. Polls Show American Rejection of Border Anarchy by Brenda Walker

  29. Mark Steyn on “Planet of the Apes” by Steve Sailer

  30. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Blogger Turfed Out–Defenestrations Will Continue Until Morale Improves by John Derbyshire

  31. WSJ: “Economics Behind the Border Pile-Up” by Steve Sailer

  32. Lynn, Massachusetts, ‘On the Brink’ from Dumped Illegal Alien Kid Costs by Brenda Walker

  33. Rand Paul Wants To Cut Off Aid To The Palestinian Authority–What About Aid To Mexico? by James Kirkpatrick

  34. Robot Farm Machines Advance in Skills by Brenda Walker

  35. Released Illegal Arrested for Murder, Kidnapping by James Kirkpatrick

  36. Released Honduran Illegal Gets Arrested for Murder by Allan Wall

  37. The Floor Of Hell Is Paved With The Skulls Of Bishops by A.W. Morgan

  38. Jose Antonio Vargas And The Hunt For The Great Bright Illegal by Steve Sailer

  39. Resistance Builds: Towns All Over the Country Resist Alien Dumping, Protests Planned, Minutemen Launching “Operation Normandy” by Allan Wall

  40. Genuine Refugees: Why Do Folks Back Home Want to Kill Them? by Steve Sailer

  41. Obama Supported Amnesty In 2007, When He Was A Senator–But That Wasn’t Unconstitutional by James Fulford

  42. Jeff Sessions Slams Obama’s “Nullification”–Will He Mention Impeachment? by James Kirkpatrick

  43. War On American Workers–North Dakota Skilled Workers To Be Replaced Next by James Kirkpatrick

  44. Senator Sessions’ Letter to Congress: Obama Immigration Strategy “Threatens Foundation of our Constitutional Republic” by Allan Wall

  45. DREAM Act Poster Boy Jose Antonio Vargas Arrested By Immigration Authorities—At Last! Will He Face “Strategic Deportation”? by James Fulford

  46. One Cheer for Kevin Williamson — Favorable Mention for Pat Buchanan in National Review by James Kirkpatrick

  47. State Secession: Six Californias Initiative Lives! by Brenda Walker

  48. SLATE’s Weigel Bravely Reports On TN Senate Primary Challenger Joe Carr’s Appeal To “Immigration-Irritated” Base by Peter Brimelow

  49. Iowa Governor Says Not to Dump Illegal Aliens in Iowa by Allan Wall

  50. Lousy Baseball Statistics Can’t Overcome “Gay Pioneer” Narrative by Steve Sailer

  51. A Golden Oldie: Derb vs. Wehner by John Derbyshire

  52. SalonDotCom And The Very-Hard-To-Parody Obsessions Of The Real Salon by James Fulford

  53. What Troubles Eric Holder’s Sleep (“Homegrown Violent Extremists”) And What Doesn’t by James Fulford

  54. Conservative Catholic Group Quotes St. Thomas Aquinas Against Open Borders by James Kirkpatrick

  55. Central American Refugees: Lies, Damn Lies, And, Well, Just Damn Lies by Federale