06/03/12 The Left Is Fooling Itself About The Young

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America`s Half-Blood Prince
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John Derbyshire and James Kirkpatrick on why the Left is wrong about the young. Also: Those May Jobs numbers were even more disastrous than the MSM let on-if you factor in immigration, which only VDARE.com ever does. Etc. etc,

Featured Articles



  1. Memo From Middle America | DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES` Eva Longoria And The Failure Of Mexican Assimilation by Allan Wall


  2. “Learn, Whitey, Learn!”-Paul Kersey`s ESCAPE FROM DETROIT by Peter Bradley  
  3. US Job Creation Stalled By Automation and Our Immigration Overhang by Donald A. Collins  
  4. The Economics of Black Race Hoaxes by Nicholas Stix  
  5. National Data | May Jobs: Adjusting For Immigration, Much Worse Than The Establishment (Liberal or “Conservative”) Admits by Edwin Rubenstein  
  6. From Desegregation To Disinformation: The Decline Of The Virginian-Pilot by Robert deBrus  
  7. John Derbyshire On Fathers, Daughters-And Uncle Reality: What The Next Generation Doesn`t Know Might Hurt It by John Derbyshire  
  8. Conor Friedersdorf, Conservatism, Inc, And Kiddie Cons Who Won`t “Read, Say, Or Think” Anything Un-PC by James Kirkpatrick  
  9. Thoughts on the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee: Sixty Years a Rubber Stamp by Sean Gabb  
  10. That UC San Diego-Obama DOJ Settlement: Racial Socialism Via Sweetheart Deal by Henry Wolff 




  1. Joel Kotkin Stumbles Over The Truth Of Affordable Family Formation–Then Picks Himself Up, And Goes On by James Fulford
  2. Green Cards For Strippers by Federale
  3. Gun Nuts Double Down On Illegals And Guns by Federale
  4. The Pseudoscience Of Eugenics In Action by Steve Sailer
  5. Washington`s Gay Mafia: “It`s Kind Of Like Being A Mormon Or Something!” by Steve Sailer
  6. Tennessee Supreme Court Ordered New Knoxville Horror Judge to Revisit His Wrongheaded Decision, but the “Little Birdies” Told Him to Ignore the Order by Nicholas Stix
  7. BREAKING NEWS IN KNOXVILLE!: New Judge Hears “Little Birdies” Talking to Him by Nicholas Stix
  8. The Left Is Afraid of Kris Kobach (That`s A Hint, Mittens!) by Peter Brimelow
  9. Texas Debate Language Considered by Brenda Walker
  10. Defeat Of Obama Seen As A Giant Diss To Blacks by Steve Sailer
  11. Chinese Numerology And World History by Steve Sailer
  12. Where Will The Sub-Saharans Go? by Steve Sailer
  13. Churchill`s Dream by John Derbyshire
  14. George Zimmerman and Larry Auster: Double Bad News by Patrick Cleburne
  15. We Almost Saved Detroit-The “Crime Crackdown” Of 1961 by James Fulford
  16. Race, Inheritance, Drugs, And Self-Pity: Obama Drug Revelations Nothing New by James Fulford
  17. North Dakota: Somali Faces Trial for Quadruple Murder by Brenda Walker
  18. Jared Diamond Wields Political Incorrectness To Outargue Daron Acemoglu by Steve Sailer  
  19. We Didn`t Mind Enough-The Elites, The Electorate, And Mass Immigration by John Derbyshire  
  20. Plus Ça Change by John Derbyshire  
  21. California Assemblyman Aims to Undermine Public Safety by Brenda Walker  
  22. Brussels: Burqa Attacks Police Officer When ID Is Requested by Brenda Walker  
  23. Could Romney Actually Be SOUND (!!!) On Affirmative Action? by Patrick Cleburne  
  24. It`s Not Even Autumn, But…Farmers Are Already Agitating For Cheap Labor by Steve Sailer  
  25. Department Of Agriculture Opposes Immigration Law Enforcement by Federale  
  26. Deportations Of Criminal Aliens Down by Federale  
  27. “Young Undocumented Immigrants Are Unafraid To Reveal Themselves”. No Kidding? by Allan Wall  
  28. Universal University Utopianism by Brenda Walker  
  29. Diversity before Diversity: Evonne Goolagong by Steve Sailer  
  30. Is Florida`s Governor Scott Caving To Obamacrat Voter Fraud Facilitation? by Patrick Cleburne  
  31. Rap Sheets, Non-Whites and the EEOC by Anonymous Attorney  
  32. California`s High-Speed Rail Boondoggle Lurches Along by Brenda Walker  
  33. Mexicans in American Cities Demonstrate in Favor of Mexican Presidential Candidate by Allan Wall  
  34. Israelis Reject Illegal Alien Africans by Brenda Walker  
  35. Sex-Selection Abortion Debate Misleads by Not Mentioning Immigrant Cause by Brenda Walker  
  36. New Americans Howie Mandel And Craig Ferguson: Each Claims To Be The Only English Speaking Person At Their Swearing-In Ceremonies by James Fulford  
  37. Do Artists Get Better After They Get Boring? by Steve Sailer  
  38. Israel`s African Illegal Immigrants: US Taxpayers To The Rescue? by Patrick Cleburne  
  39. Pinker On Language Wars by Steve Sailer  
  40. Loyalties: Boyish Concentric Conservatives v. Adolescent Leapfrogging Liberals by Steve Sailer  
  41. Don`t Let The Media Photograph You In Front Of Your Bookshelf! by James Fulford  
  42. For Liberals, Diversity Trumps Everything by Steve Sailer  
  43. Farrakhan`s Eloquence on the Southwest and Impending White Minority Status by Allan Wall  
  44. Big Business Wants The Border Patrol To Direct Traffic At The Border–But They Should Be Doing Interior Enforcement Instead by Federale  
  45. Tim Duncan Announces Shoe Deal With Florsheim by Steve Sailer  
  46. I hereby forgive the CIA for Abstract Expressionism by Steve Sailer  
  47. Economists v. Child Labor and Immigration Laws by Steve Sailer  
  48. Congressman Silvestre Reyes Defeated In A Primary By Amnesty Supporter by James Fulford  
  49. Obama Honors Anti-Borders Activist Delores Huerta by Brenda Walker  
  50. Switzerland: Neighborhood Watch Observes Criminal Asylum Seekers by Brenda Walker  
  51. Comparative Sentencing in England`s “Increasingly Naked Police State” by James Fulford  
  52. “Immigrants Today Aren`t Einstein” by Paul Nachman  
  53. Acemogluism: Daron Acemoglu Has Answers That Don`t Embarass Economists by Steve Sailer  
  54. Englishwoman Sentenced To 21 Weeks In Jail For Shouting At Minorities On The Subway by James Fulford  
  55. Radical Left Confirms Railroading Of George Zimmerman by Federale  
  56. Allan Wall on Chuck Wilder`s Talkback, May 30th at 3:20 P.M. Eastern Time by Allan Wall  
  57. Ben Wattenberg Optimistic About American Demographics-But Are They, In Fact, American? by James Fulford  
  58. The Queen Versus The “Rebel Regime” Of Rhodesia by James Fulford  
  59. Is Bill Kristol The GOP`s Darth Vader On Immigration? by Patrick Cleburne  
  60. Mexifornication Update: Oaxacan Slurs Banned in Oxnard Schools by Brenda Walker  
  61. The Sinister Reasonableness Of Thilo Sarrazin`s New Book by Steve Sailer  
  62. Obama: My High School Highs Actually A Story Of Race And Inheritance, When You Stop And Think About It by Steve Sailer  
  63. Incisive Israeli Comment On Tel Aviv Riot Marred By Slur On Norwegians by Patrick Cleburne  
  64. Euroflop Was Predictable Utopian Failure by Brenda Walker  
  65. Happy 75th Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge! by Brenda Walker


  1. A California Reader Wonders Why We`re Doing Articles About Detroit; James Fulford Replies 
  2. A Louisiana Reader Says That SF Chronicle Film Critic Mick LaSalle Thinks All Mexicans Look Alike   
  3. A Connecticut Reader Points Out That The Face-Eating Guy In Miami Is A Haitian  
  4. A Louisiana Reader Writes On Rich Mexicans, Fraudulent Visas, And The Judge Who Said “They Need To Be Gone, Too.”   
  5. A Maryland Reader Says The “Maryland Man” Charged With Cannibalism Is Actually From Kenya   
  6. A Reader Reminds Us That Ben Wattenberg Has Been Gloating Over The “Non-Europeanization Of America” Since 1984  
  7. An Anonymous College Student Asks What His Generation Can Do About People Being Fired For Heresy; James Fulford and Peter Brimelow Reply   
  8. A Comic Book Villain Writes To Criticize Amelia Earhart   
  9. An Indian-American Reader Reminds Us That Highly-Educated Immigrants May Not Be Beneficial If What They`re Highly-Educated In Is “Social Work” Or “Activism” 

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